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Using video to communicate to employees

Any business in today's competitive environment should realise the only differential is the employee. And a happy employee is a productive employee.
Using video to communicate to employees

Without happy skilled productive staff any organisation regardless of size will ultimately be outpaced by companies who've focused on improving the lives of their employees. Culture trumps strategy every time - you might have the best strategy in the world in terms of making your business profitable, but if the culture of your employees is one of apathy or dejection, your strategy will never succeed. And yet time and time again the only forms of communication - and sometimes on a haphazard basis to boot - are old-fashioned e-mailers, newsletters and magazines. Ask yourself - when last did YOU read one of those? And who do you believe more - a formal email dispassionately sent out to everyone and digitally signed - or Sharlene from accounts at the water-cooler who heard about retrenchments? Communicating with employees is today hyper-critical. And communicating correctly and in a manner that we expect and respond to today makes the difference between employees actually listening to your message and just dismissing it.

So how do you do it? How do you bridge the gap between you, your boss, your bigger boss, and your employees in a manner that will work? Video communications. YouTube receives on average more than 72 hours of new video content every hour! This means it is physically impossible for any one person to watch everything that's being loaded up onto YouTube. That's staggering. Think about it - people are only interested in video. And short videos too. The most successful video platform on the internet recommends videos not longer than five minutes. That's a short message. That's a personal message. That's something we can do for you. Oh, and if so many people are doing YouTube, why bother hiring a professional video production company with 17 years of experience and a budget to film your communications? Why not use your cell phone camera? Go ahead. YouTube is expected to be low-quality, shaky, barely audible, and poorly filmed. If that's the quality you expect of your employees, by all means go for it. But we'd strongly recommend against it.

Contact us and we can tailor-make an end-to-end internal and external communications video tool for you, enabling you to engage, enhance, and improve your employee communications and take it to levels you have never dreamed of, in a professional manner that sets the tone for your employees to follow.

5 Dec 2014 12:18


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