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Digital signage - health care information in the modern age

Over the past few years the health care industry made some major changes in the way it communicates with people. Efficient and effective communication is now a priority, informing patients of new treatments, health risks and general health tips to educate and encourage patients to live a healthier lifestyle.
Digital signage - health care information in the modern age

Digital signage provides the health care industry with the perfect communication platform to turn patient activation into engagement, connecting patients to their physicians. Doctors may deliver customised messaging to receptive patients waiting for their appointment; and patients are entertained and educated by informative content relating directly to their visit/health.

Hospitals are also deploying digital signage in lobbies and waiting areas to communicate with audiences. Some of the latest trends involve placing digital displays in paediatric rooms displaying relevant content about babies and health related issues for parents to view while they wait. Hospital services and way-finding information are displayed in lobbies and waiting areas, making it easier for patients to get around.

Just some of the benefits of a digital signage platform are:
  • Communicate with staff members
  • Communicate with patients and visitors
  • Publish events
  • Marketing of special medical services at the specific location e.g Eye Specialist, Psychologist etc
  • 3rd Party advertising to generate revenue from e.g Medical Aids
  • Get feedback and engage with staff members or visitors via social media feeds
  • Entertainment notifications
  • Eliminate printing & logistics costs
  • Driving staff to hospital values & culture
Another great product finding its way into hospitals is what is referred to as a queue management system using digital signage. Patients receive a ticket with a number on when they enter the hospital or doctors room. They are then called according to the ticket number or type of service they require. This enables the hospital to not only prioritise the patients according to the seriousness of their emergency but also be able to track staff productivity and efficiency, managing and directing specific staff skills to where it is most needed. The system will reduce waiting times and patients experience far less stressful.

Global Access is one of the leading providers of Queue Management solutions in South Africa. Our AutoQ system was found to improve staff productivity with up to 25% and reducing patient waiting times considerably. High volume patient visits can now be managed effectively with real-time statistic and reports, enabling management to plan and redeploy staff immediately if necessary. Patients can now be received in a more relaxed and hosted environment with displays showing the next ticket number to be called, estimated waiting times etc, keeping patients informed and more relaxed.

Our system also enables the displays to show marketing content, so while patients are waiting relevant marketing and communication information can be displayed to them. This is a great way for hospitals to sell advertising space to medical suppliers, thereby minimizing the operational cost of the digital network.

For more information on our products, contact us today and we will assist with strategies and expertise that will make your health care digital signage network work for you.

Ivano Stipcevich Head: Digital signage Networks
(t) 011 350 5359

16 May 2014 07:55


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