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Interactive touch screens - The right touch for a digital age

Ever walked past an interactive screen in a shopping mall and just had to touch it to see what happens? Well, I am one of those curious people who always has to play around on those screens and with good reason I might add...
Interactive touch screens - The right touch for a digital age
Interactive touch screens are gradually becoming a favourite tool for boosting customer relations. You see them everywhere these days - tourist offices, city halls, hotels, restaurants and lobby areas - and most of the time they work in conjunction with other digital technologies such as smartphones, tablets etc.

Depending on the location and the company who uses it, these interactive terminals can be used to inform, direct, communicate, promote, pay, order and act as a sales tool. For example, a sales agent in a retail store can use this screen to show a customer the features and benefits of a particular product or in a restaurant a customer can use it to order their own meal without having to wait for a waiter to serve them. In hotels these screens can typically be used to promote interesting places in the area for patrons to visit e.g museums, or they can book a taxi service directly and pay by swiping their credit card through the terminal.

These interactive terminals can be branded with your own company branding, and serves as an easy way for customers to get detailed information at their fingertips.

The terminal can be connected to a company's network in order to access certain features and information or it can be completely separated from the network system. The device can be locked in order to create a secure environment that restricts the use of the terminal to whatever the company wishes.

If the terminal is connected to a network it is also easy to send updated content in real time to the device so content and information is never outdated.

The possibilities and features of interactive terminals are growing by the day and the increase in roll out of this technology shows that it has a huge effect on brand awareness and customer communication.

At Global Access we offer Interactive Touch Screen solutions that are created specifically for each client's needs. Some of our biggest projects include the 3 x 4 meter interactive touch wall in Absa's Test Lab in the Clearwater Mall and various touch terminals in some of their other branches that are used for customer information.

All data from these screens can be gathered and reports drawn up for a client to show the interaction of customers with the screens. This enables a client to configure the content to be more specific to customer needs.

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