Retirement Expo to deliver a multi-generational audience to exhibitors

Exhibitors at the original Retirement Expo, which runs from 26-28 October at the Coca-Cola dome in Johannesburg, can expect to engage with a multi-generational audience. Organisers say everyone from retired or nearly retired Baby Boomers, to Generation X and Generation Y will come to see, plan for and buy the products and services that will secure their optimal retirement.
The so-called 'Sandwich Generation' is another demographic that will be well represented among expo visitors. Nicole De Klerk, general manager of Thebe Special Projects, Conferences & Events, organiser of the expo, explains: "The term Sandwich Generation is a phenomenon so prevalent worldwide, that a definition for it now appears in the Oxford English Dictionary. This reads: 'a generation of people, typically in their thirties or forties, responsible both for bringing up their own children and for the care of their ageing parents.'

"The term refers not to people of a particular age, but instead to all who are sandwiched between raising their own children and caring for an aging parent/s. More than any other demographic, the Sandwich Generation knows the perils of not planning thoroughly for retirement. Encouraged by their parents' less-than-perfect example and the impact that has on their lives, they are determined to spare their children the same burden. Theirs' is a cautionary tale for all who put off planning early for retirement."

At its 2011 debut, the original Retirement Expo introduced thousands of South Africans to the notion that it's not enough to merely retire, but imperative that they retire well and reward a lifetime of hard work with an inspired retirement. De Klerk says judging by the success of that first expo, this was a message that came across clearly and resonated deeply with a receptive audience.

Driven Audience

"The kind of visitor who comes to the Retirement Expo wants stability, security and the guarantee of an inspired and rewarding retirement. These are not people who leave things to chance. Instead, they plan assertively for their retirement and for them the expo is an opportunity to engage with exhibitors, evaluate, price and compare products and to make plans and decisions for their future. On a lighter though no less important note, these visitors are fun-loving individuals who come to the expo to discover new lifestyle products, to be entertained and of course to shop," explains De Klerk.

Indeed, given the reality of an aging world population, where people are living longer and the median age is rising, it is becoming increasingly critical to start planning earlier and more energetically for a retirement that might easily span three decades.

"So it follows that we are pursuing a strategy of actively marketing the show to the 30-something year old market, representing what we know as Generation Y, as well as the growing multitudes of the Sandwich Generation, while continuing to market to our captive audience of 40-something Generation X members and the retired or about-to-retire Baby Boomers," she adds.

Though driven by different and often unique goals, the Retirement Expo's multi-generational audience shares a common motivation, namely to plan meticulously so they can retire well.

What's On Show

Interactive exhibits, inspiring and educational workshops, activity areas, hobby areas and thoroughly engaging visitor entertainment are all on the cards for the 2012 Retirement Expo.

Visitors will have the opportunity to explore and shop from an all-encompassing array of exhibits that include: retirement properties; travel options; financial services; leisure and lifestyle products; hobbies; fitness; healthcare; optimal nutrition; care facilities and services; and more besides.

Among the exhibitors who have already secured their participation in the Retirement Expo are: Alexander Forbes; Amdec Residential Developments; Consolidated Financial Planning; Sasfin; Central Developments Property Group; Eskom; Old Mutual; Monte Christo Retirement Village; Belvedere Properties; Calgro M3 Developments; Oneserve (Bridge Wealth); Knysna Lifestyle Estate; Zulu Nyala; and MSC Starlight Cruises.

An exceptional line-up of interactive workshops will take visitors through step-by-step planning and offer constructive advice on preparing for the most active, healthy, secure and inspired retirement. Activity areas and hobby areas will, in turn, bring this audience face-to-face with a host of appealing fitness and leisure activities that will add meaning, enjoyment and fulfilment to their active lives now and going into retirement.

For those enthusiastic visitors who need to stop and recharge, the culinary delights of the Health Oasis Café will refuel them with delicious, nutritious and healthy foods, snacks and refreshments before they continue their exploration of the expo.

Secure Your Participation

"The Retirement Expo offers marketers a rare opportunity to exhibit at a show with a highly motivated, multi-generational audience. A show that puts them face-to-face with this audience, enabling them to demonstrate and explain their product or service and convince these expo visitors of the value and meaning it will add to their lives, now and into retirement," concludes De Klerk.

Marketers who wish to discuss and secure their participation in the Retirement Expo, should call Louise Barry-Taylor or Clare Feliciano on 011 549 8300, email az.oc.gpet@esiuol or az.oc.gpet@eralc, and diarise 26-28 October 2012 for the 2012 Retirement Expo.

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