Thebe introduces Atomic Junkies - adrenalin fest

The Thebe Exhibitions and Projects Group (TEPG) has introduced Atomic Junkies, an extreme sports and adrenalin fest that will take place at Johannesburg's Coca-Cola dome over Easter next year, from 6 to 9 April.
TEPG Managing Director Carol Weaving says Atomic Junkies will be a hype driven event that will appeal to all race, gender and income groups. "We strive to attract the top talent. We will present what's 'cool' and reach a target audience that is ready for a new culture of sports. Traditional sport is no longer enough. Activities continually evolve as participants look for new ways to challenge themselves and perform increasingly dangerous feats."

She says Atomic Junkies will showcase the most famous names in extreme and adrenalin sports, generating renewed interest in Johannesburg's sports tourism industry post the 2010 FIFA World Cup. "The event will represent a funky, adventurous and exciting approach to celebrating life as a youth or a young adult in South Africa."

With at least 15 top international athletes and over 3000 national participants and thousands of visitors, the Atomic Junkies Live Adrenalin Theatre will be the must-see event of the festival. Each day spectacular displays of the most unbelievable stunts will be performed by world class athletes. The shows will be hosted by extreme sports participants and will showcase the best in drifting, spinning, skateboarding, vert ramps, FMX, BMX, supercars and modified performance car stunts. The shows will be high energy, action packed and visually spectacular, accompanied by car and bike demos to amaze and please crowds of all ages, race and gender.

Local and international athletes will be available for autograph signings after each show, enabling fans to meet their extreme sports idols in person.

Extreme or action adrenalin sports usually include a high level of danger, involving speed, height, high levels of physical exertion and highly specialised gear or spectacular stunts. They include snowboarding, skydiving, bungee jumping, free climbing and base jumping.

"Extreme sports has a massive following and has developed a culture that is well-established amongst the younger generation," says Weaving, "and with Atomic Junkies we hope to grow it even more - to push adrenalin to new levels!"

For more information phone 011 549 8300 or visit

20 Oct 2011 12:09


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