Decorex goes 35 percent lighter on electricity

Decorex SA, the country's premier decorating exhibition, managed a 35 percent saving in electricity at the recent exhibition at the Gallagher Convention Centre.
Decorex goes 35 percent lighter on electricity
Decorex SA Director Melanie Robinson says these results prove that moving away from a culture of waste to a culture of sustainability does not imply a lowering of standards, but creating a culture of responsibility to both people and the planet.

“This year the exhibition was rewired differently to allow the switching off of all the stand banks after the show. All other lights were also switched off every night. Air conditioners were only switched on when absolutely necessary - only for two to three hours on busy days.

“Supported by a free flow of communication and an education programme, our savings campaign paid off well. Three months before the exhibition we constantly communicated with exhibitors to make them aware of their electricity usage on stands.

“The cooperation with Gallagher Convention Centre to change hall lights to energy efficient bulbs and with Oasys Innovations for executing the savings programme, assisted greatly to achieve this. We are aiming for a 50 percent reduction in 2010.

“We are constantly putting the spotlight on and encouraging green design, green buildings, services and products. Our green theme spreads awareness of current green issues among architects, interior designers and property developers.

“We also have a Best Green Stand award in association with the Property Magazine for the exhibitor using the best green innovation on its stand, services and products. Hall décor, cladding, fascias and carpeting are re-used from show to show. Air-conditioning is only switched on during the show, not during buildup and breakdown.

“Going green has numerous benefits to both the environment and the consumer. The ‘reduce, recycle, reuse' theory behind greening has led to a greater focus on the environment as a result of consumers' drive to economise. One can only imagine the difference these activities would make to our industry's carbon footprint. The time has come for industry leaders to give energy efficiency the attention it deserves. To this Decorex SA is committed,” says Robinson.

14 Sep 2009 17:19


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Well done !!-
Well Done !! This is goodnews !!
Posted on 15 Sep 2009 20:01
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