Thebe terminates EXSA membership

The Thebe Exhibitions and Projects Group and the Coca-Cola dome have terminated their membership of the Exhibition and Event Association of Southern Africa (EXSA). Group Managing Director Carol Weaving says the decision was not taken lightly.
“I have been very committed to the association over the past seven years, not only during my stand as Chairman for two years but also as an active member throughout our membership period.

“However of late, there is a general lack of communication between the association and its members, and it is becoming extremely difficult to get answers from the EXSA office. I have tried to resolve our concerns over the last six months, but to no avail. We strongly believe we are no longer getting value out of the association in particular from the Organisers Forum.

“The judging process for the annual EXSA Awards is also a concern that needs to be addressed. The process for judging the EXSA member shows is still very flawed and therefore the credibility of the awards is also in question.

“In a fast-moving, highly competitive industry where one is only remembered by one's most recent success - or failure - the industry's umbrella body needs to lead by example. We will be more than willing to reconsider should there be an improvement after a new board is elected in March next year. However, at this stage our decision is immediate and final,” says Weaving.

23 Oct 2008 16:32


Urban Zulu
Hello is (EXSA) anyone out there?-
As a small player in the events industry I was trying to get EXSA accreditation/recognition. The criteria works to my disadvantage and I came up with a Cadet Membership Programme that will allow small (PDI) organisers to be recognised by this body. I sent an email on the 19th June 2008 and there has been no response from EXSA nor has there been a confirmation of receipt of the email. I don't blame THEBE from taking the stance it did. Is anyone out there or is EXSA just a ghost organisation?
Posted on 27 Oct 2008 15:09
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