Entrepreneurship and small businesses on being the fastest conduit to economic inclusion

The role of the small business in facilitating economic inclusion for the everyman cannot be asserted enough especially in this uncertain global economic climate. The role of dynamic platforms, such as the Small Business Expo and the #BuyABusiness Expo, that engage entrepreneurs, small business owners, small business hubs, investors and corporate leaders is pivotal in supporting SMEs.
The two expos, organised by Thebe Reed Exhibitions, are hosted alongside each other from 8 – 10 September 2016 at the Ticketpro Dome, Northgate in Johannesburg. The Small Business Expo is in partnership with Eskom Development Foundation and the #BuyABusiness Expo sponsored by Absa

“By being entrepreneurs and SME owners, we are afforded the space and opportunity to directly partake in our growing economy. As our businesses grow and we employ people, we afford them the opportunity to be active contributors to the economy. That, for me, is one of the effective ways we can empower each other – by starting businesses and creating employment,” said Carol Weaving, MD of Thebe Reed Exhibitions.

“Supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs supports this chain reaction of empowerment and that is the impetus of the Small Business Expo and the #BuyABusiness Expo,” she concluded.

A number of small business owners who are exhibiting at the expos have echoed Carol’s sentiments, asserting their place in the economy:

“The small business is the engine of and for economic development”
    – Alan Reeves, Legendary Retail Brands. Legendary Retail Brands is a fully licensed holdings company for well-known South African franchised hardware and lifestyle brands such as Mica, DIY Depot and House of Paint and Décor
“The little good ideas that come from small business and entrepreneurs are what largely develops and sustains our economy – they really impact our economic growth”
    - Lerato Aphane, Ecovest. Ecovest is a private company that makes off-grid eco home lighting systems for the lower LSM markets
“All successful economies are built on the back bone of small businesses. Small businesses are what we need to grow industry - without it, there can be no sustainable growth.”
    - Geishma Nishaat, Zhauns. Zhauns supplied and installs small/ medium manufacturing machines for the development of Africa
“Small businesses are the building blocks and foundation of our growing economy. Supporting them is not an option, it is imperative”
    - Eva de Waal, Business Plan Creators. Business Plan Creators help clients start new companies – business plans, logo design, email hosting, company registrations
“If the National Development Plan is to be achieved by 2030, SMEs urgently need focused initiatives that will infuse their businesses with capital and people. They need ideas and innovation that help drive sales, and resources to help them find financing that actually works for their individual situations”
    - Agnes Utunga Phiri, Afroes. Afroes is a mobile-first enterprise on a mission to position African youth for productive futures by facilitating skills acquisition, engagement and connecting to opportunity through gamification
“Small businesses play a key role in a growing our economy through employment and innovation. They attract talent, who invent new products and solutions for existing problems and issues. They have low entry barriers in disrupting industries and encouraging innovation, thus promoting the dynamism that keeps industries growing.”
    - Dichabe Lebotse, Atlegang Business Consulting. Atlegang Business Consulting is an Accounting and Independent Review firm established as a voluntary, autonomous and politically independent business for the sole purpose of assisting entrepreneurs and business managers in growing their businesses.
“We believe that the SME sector is the core of our economy. With thousands of SMEs in our country each giving a small portion, we are sure to keep on growing our economy regardless of what the major corporates say or do.”
    – SW van Wyk, FileBound. FileBound enables businesses and service providers to transform their operations and achieve their objectives more efficiently through solutions that revolutionise document and data storage.
For over twenty years, Thebe Reed Exhibitions has been on the frontline of supporting small businesses and entrepreneurship, and the Small Business Expo and the #BuyABusiness Expo continue in the same narrative.

The expos will not only facilitate relationship brokering between entrepreneurs, small business owners, hubs, investors and corporate leaders but they will also build the capacity of exhibitors and visitors through workshops, masterclasses and hyper-targeted networking sessions. Some of the activities open to both exhibitors and visitors include:
  • Development Den workshops on how to strategically position your business with growth in mind
  • Business Bootcamp workshops for early stage start-ups
  • Business Theatre covering various topics from branding, sales & marketing to women in business
  • Full on Franchising Theatre workshops hosted by SA Franchise Warehouse
  • Techpreneur Pavilion by The Innovation Hub for tech-based small business and entrepreneurs
  • Wealth Masterclasses with local and international speakers
The Expos are both open to visitors for free if they pre-register before 06Sep16 on and Tickets to the expos are also available at the door for R60. For more information on the Small Business Expo and the #BuyABusiness Expo, visit and or contact Rene Staack at Thebe Reed Exhibitions at Tel: +27 (0) 11 549 8300 or az.oc.deeRebehT@eneR

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