The Association of African Exhibition Organisers hosts their first ever Exhibitor Training Day

Exhibitions are a powerful marketing medium that brings potential customers and client's right to your doorstep, for face-to-face interaction, question and answer sessions, product demonstrations and the provision of a tangible and engaging brand experience. Given the potential that participating in an exhibition has to boost the sales and visibility of a business, it is critical to get the mix right when putting an exhibition together. This is why the Association of African Exhibition Organisers (AAXO) has arranged an Exhibitor Training Day on Maximising the Power of Exhibitions. This event, which will be held on 14 October 2015 at the Ticketpro Dome, is exclusively for exhibitors linked to AAXO members and will be free of charge, on invitation only.
The training will discuss how to maximise the power of exhibitions as a marketing medium and how to measure exhibition success. As a collective body representing exhibition organisers specifically, with a mandate to tackle the unique challenges faced by this group, AAXO will place a large amount of emphasis on creating strong relationships between exhibition organisers and exhibitors themselves. This ensures ongoing partnerships and a thriving exhibition industry. The Training Day is the first of its kind as well as the first of a number of events planned to assist and guide exhibitors on how to plan and prepare for exhibitions, for example by setting concrete goals and finding sponsorship and PR opportunities; as well as how to ensure the exhibition goes off smoothly and how to follow up on leads generated and measure success once the exhibition is over. AAXO will also be providing resource material such as guidelines and tips for exhibitors. All of these resources will be made available to exhibitors affiliated with an AAXO organiser.

The first-ever AAXO Training Day is set to be a great success and a fantastic opportunity for exhibitors to increase their skills and knowledge. Download the Full Day Programme here.

For more information on AAXO visit or contact Cindy Wandrag on 011 549 8300 or az.oc.oxaa@ofni. For membership inquiries, including a full list of membership benefits and information on how to join, contact az.oc.oxaa@pihsrebmem

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15 Sep 2015 09:53


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