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Oxbridge Academy's phenomenal November 2014 exam results

Oxbridge Academy has been able to boast with phenomenal exam pass rates for a number of years now. And in November 2014, the college saw some of its highest exam pass rates to date.
November 2014 pass rates

Oxbridge Academy's phenomenal November 2014 exam results
Oxbridge Academy students, along with their peers from other TVET and private colleges, wrote a series of national exams in November 2014. For distance learning students, these exams took place at external exam venues across the country, including the Oxbridge Academy Exam Centre in Stellenbosch.

While the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) only released results of those students who registered to write at the Oxbridge Exam Centre, this cross-section of Oxbridge students did phenomenally well.

Below are the results of all Oxbridge Academy students who wrote their exams at the Oxbridge Academy Exam Centre:

National Qualifications

74.7%Total pass rate for Oxbridge Academy students who wrote national exams at the college.

We are also extremely proud to announce the following results, which contributed greatly to the above pass rate:

100%Pass rate for Human Resource students at N5 and N6 level.
72.7%Pass rate for Public Management students at N4 to N6 levels.
100%Pass rate for Engineering students at N1 to N3 levels.

N5 and N6 exams are the highest level national exams that students can write. We are consequently very pleased with our students' performance at these levels.

International Qualifications

The exam pass rate for our internationally accredited Tourism and Hospitality courses was even more impressive:

100%Pass rate for students who wrote their CTH exams.

The CTH, or Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality, is one of the UK's leading awarding bodies for professional qualifications in hospitality and tourism. All our CTH students received their diplomas via courier at the end of last year, allowing them togo into 2015 with an international qualification in hand.

What contributes to Oxbridge Academy's high pass rate?

Although Minister Blade Nzimande professes that strides have been made towards improving public TVET colleges in recent years, it is undeniable that there are still numerous problems that inhibit the pass rates of many government colleges.

What makes Oxbridge Academy's pass rate different, however, is the very fact that we operate as a private institute. In terms of service delivery and quality of academic support, private colleges do not depend on governmental subsidies, nor are they hampered by governmental administrative constraints and problems.

Aligned with public TVET colleges, institutes such as Oxbridge Academy still fall under the authority of the DHET, yet we are unconstrained in our pursuit of excellence as a leading distance learning college.

At Oxbridge Academy, our pursuit of excellence includes our commitment to providing our students with academic assistance from qualified tutors. All of our tutors are subject specialists with substantial practical experience in their respective fields.

Private colleges also have potential for exponential growth, as they form part of the private sector. Oxbridge Academy, for example, has recently partnered with a prestigious accreditation body in the UK to offer a range of internationally accredited courses in 2015.

In the end, however, what really makes Oxbridge Academy unique is not the achievements of the college, nor the capacity for growth as a private institute - but rather the enthusiasm of our students. More than anything else, the November 2014 exam pass rate is a testament to the hard work and dedication of Oxbridge Academy's students.

All of us here at Oxbridge Academy want to thank our students for helping to make this one of the country's leading distance learning colleges, and for working hard during the months leading up to the exams. We are proud to have had so many graduates in 2014, and we heartily want to wish our November 2014 graduates all the success they deserve.

22 Jan 2015 15:18


Kiara Halligan
Congrats to all the students! Hope you keep on that way of exams passing and successfully.
Posted on 28 Jan 2015 10:47
Smith Stone
I think it's great that you thank us - the readers and that you will keep us posted.
Posted on 7 Apr 2015 15:48
Outcomes based assessor’s course

“Studying after 30 years was a battle but after understanding the course I found it very challenging I am sure I will take whatever I studied to the next level. I hate writing as there was so much writing involved but I realized that when you write you seemed to understand the concepts, as you will not forget what you learned. To Oxbridge Academy, my compliments go out to you guys and thank you for allowing me to study with you, hoping to meet you next year as I will doing the moderators course.”

- Victor Govender

“I have upgraded my educational level with Oxbridge Academy, support team is always ready to assist. Quality courses from Oxbridge Academy because they have everything to support their teaching system. I never have problems with Oxbridge Academy. All they want is loyalty. And I wish one day Oxbridge Academy can open a new branch in Pretoria.”

- Lucas Molimisi
Early Childhood Development

“I am very happy with Oxbridge Academy as I am studying my second year with them as I studied through them last year 2014 and completed a Diploma course Early Childhood Development and Au-Pairing with them. I would definitely recommend to my friends to study a course through Oxbridge Academy.”

- Jacquelyn Langhein
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