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Zulu titles achieve record ABCs

Zulu ground-breakers, Isolezwe and Isolezwe ngeSonto (Sunday) have achieved record audited circulations for the first quarter of the year, in spite of a tough economy.
Isolozwe Editor Thulani Mbatha
Isolozwe Editor Thulani Mbatha
Isolezwe's average daily sale reached over 100,000 for the first time since launch,” says Lorne MacLaine, Independent Newspapers KZN's Circulation Director. “At 102 454, the sale is encouragingly up from 99 095 for the comparative 2008 period.

“It is also worth recording that Isolezwe ngeSonto achieved a weekly average of 53 205, and the title has only recently celebrated its first birthday!

“Both the Isolezwe titles continue to enjoy growth within a market that has been impacted by a tightening economy. Perhaps more significant is that this growth is incremental - there have been no footprint expansions or cover price discounting to boost the numbers. The simple reality is that our penetration of the targeted reader market continues to grow.”

Editor Thulani Mbatha endorsed these comments, “The 100,000-plus daily sales we are enjoying are a clear indication that our readers have confidence in our brand.

“We, as South Africans, have had tough times over the past few months; however, it is pleasing to see that this has not deterred our buyers. Our sales have actually increased over this period.

“I believe that the brand gives hope to our readers, which is why they support us. We present the news the way Isolezwe reader wants it and in isiZulu - the language they know best.

“Our reporters always work hard at putting Isolezwe readers' needs first and people appreciate this. Isolezwe is a reflection of its readers - their lifestyle, challenges, hopes and dreams, it's all mirrored in the publication - and this is the reason we are successful.”

Constant innovation also keeps the title growing. ”We've introduced new columnists, a poetry section, a personal finance supplement and our weekly motoring supplement has a special Isolezwe angle where we profile readers with their prized possession,” says Mbatha.

Readers comment that the newspaper offers a credible, topical read and that it is portable, easily available and inviting.

In their experience they find that Isolezwe is widely available - from tuck shops, spaza shops, emgwaqeni (on the street), garage shops, cafes and supermarkets. This makes it easy for commuters to buy a copy on their way to work.

19 May 2009 13:29


Ayicha niy'phethe into yenu Isolezwe-
Thanks to my mum,I've been exposed to the paper myself but unfortunately for some media planners it still doesnt feature much on their planning radar. I would say to planners, take note, it is after all speaking to the largest language group in SA. A job well done to the Isolezwe editorial team, where the world over printed newspapers have seen a fall in subscriptions and readership and everyone is gone digital loco and forgetting that still majority of pople in the world can't afford the cell airtime to access internet via cell. Even more importantly for advertisers, people like to be spoken to in their mother toungue in a non-patronising and after thought manner
Posted on 19 May 2009 14:10
Thanks Nandipha. It's great that your mom's keeping you up to date! Please get hold of me, I'd like to use your comment. Maggie (031)3082553 or
Posted on 20 May 2009 16:04

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