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Isolezwe helps readers to manage their bucks better

The gold price, the Dow Jones, CPI, PPI, GDP, forex rates - finance and business terminology confuses many of us and the situation becomes a minefield when trying to understand how all the factors work together to influence our personal situation.
Mxolisi Ndaba, the new columnist on Isolezwe who is helping readers learn their way around the economy.
Mxolisi Ndaba, the new columnist on Isolezwe who is helping readers learn their way around the economy.
Very aware of this, Isolezwe, South Africa's biggest-selling Zulu-language daily newspaper has done something meaningful to help its readers get to grips with business and finance principles. They invited an expert to write a regular column, cutting through the confusion for the uninitiated, as well as those who claim to be in the know!

“We're not trying to make economists out of all our readers - but the bottom line is that people need to be aware of what's going on around them because that will, in the end, help them manage their bucks better,” says Isolezwe editor, Thulani Mbatha.

Mxolisi Ndaba, known as MK, is the new finance writer providing Isolezwe's hundreds of thousands of readers with practical advice and guidance on how to get the most out of each and every rand.

Ndaba's column appears in the main section of the thriving Durban-based newspaper every Wednesday and he also contributes to the title's Ezomnotho business supplement which will appear monthly from March.

Says Mbatha: “The column covers a whole range of themes including explanations on how the Johannesburg Stock Exchange works, what having shares in companies such as Sasol and Vodacom actually means, as well as advice on when to buy and when to sell.

“MK has also gone into things like what do commentators mean when they say the rand is strengthening and what effect that has on in the man in the street.”

The first column elicited a lot queries from readers resulting in a healthy exchange of views and ideas. “The response continues to be good and now we are looking at ways of expanding MK's contribution,” says Mbatha.

Ndaba, who is a financial advisor with a Durban company, African Vukani Investments, says he is excited about the response to his column. “Money makes the world go around but it can also cause an individual's universe to come crashing down if there is a lack of financial planning and knowledge.

“Our aim with the column is to provide an easy-to-understand background to money matters and in that way assist our readers to gain basic knowledge which many of them lack,” says MK.

2 Mar 2009 12:12



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