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Independent Media launches powerful and moving manifesto for men to speak ALOUD a promise to the women and children of South Africa that they will work together to make it a better place - for everyone.

Against the backdrop of the past week, with the scourge of violence against women across the whole country making front page news the world over, Independent Media has launched a moving and powerful initiative - #MYPROMISE.

#MYPROMISE is aimed at encouraging men to speak up and be accountable – not just for their own actions but, for those around them - and commit to setting the right example for themselves and other men and to those who will follow in their footsteps.

The simple premise of the campaign is that it doesn’t take a real man to read an advert, but it will take a real man to read this particular advert ALOUD. Independent Media is also requesting men to record this promise and send it out into the world and actively encourage other men to follow suit. The time for the passive is past, it is action that is required, and Independent Media hopes that this action will be the catalyst for real systemic change beyond just awareness.

Dr Iqbal Survé, Executive Chairman of Independent Media is staunchly behind the campaign, saying: “Independent Media has championed several social change initiatives on its print and online platforms over the years, which include #RacismStopsWithMe, #DontLookAway and #DignityProject. #MyPromise reflects our continued commitment to bringing about social change in our country and I encourage men and women, to share this as far and wide as possible.”

Independent Media is asking men to share their promise on social media and to help spread the message and put their words into action. Go to IOL to read online and share #MYPROMISE.

Make your promise:

“I, your full name, speak out loud as I promise to never be silent while you suffer.
To speak up, instead of speaking down.
To condemn, instead of condone.
To object, instead of objectify.
I know I will never understand your deepest fears, because only a woman could,
but I promise to do everything I can to make our country a better place for you.
A place where you never have to fear walking home alone.
Where you never have to worry about what men will think about the clothes you’re wearing.
Where you never have to worry about being raped and killed.
Where women never have to fear strangers or family, just because they’re men.
Where men stop protecting other men, just because they’re men.
I promise to never mute offensive chat groups and inner circles,
but rather unmute myself and speak out.
I promise to stand up and be counted.
To be accountable.
I promise to be more than a man,
because being a brother, father, son or uncle is not enough.
I promise to make sure your voice will always be heard.”

The #MYPROMISE campaign launched this weekend across all of Independent’s platforms. Make your voice heard. Speak your truth ALOUD.

10 Sep 2019 13:25



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