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Gauteng remains SA's best paying province

The 2016 Salary Review by CareerJunction, one of SA's leading online job boards, shows that Gauteng remains the best paying province. The report explores salary offerings, as offered by companies, for top occupations across SA's most lucrative provinces - Gauteng, the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

According to the report, if you are looking to earn the big bucks in 2016, the city of gold remains the place to be. This is particularly true for professionals who work within the financial, engineering, admin and sales sectors. The latest findings show large salary gaps between provinces for these industries.

Gauteng remains SA's best paying province

For example, finance professionals who reside in the Western Cape can expect to earn between 23% and 31% less than their Gauteng counterparts for the same job. Demand for skills across these provinces seems to have a major impact. When looking at differences in job offerings for professionals between these two provinces it becomes clear that Gauteng is in far greater need of finance professionals compared to the Western Cape, where only approximately 17% of recruitment takes place and KwaZulu-Natal with a mere 3%.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for professionals who reside outside of Gauteng. When looking at other industries such as the construction, ICT, design, media and arts and manufacturing sectors, these gaps are not as significant. In most cases, salary gaps range between 5-10%. In fact, Capetonians seem to earn more than their Gauteng counterparts within the warehousing and logistics industry while professionals in KwaZulu-Natal seem to earn more than Capetonians within the engineering sector.

The table below shows the regional gaps in remuneration and demand by sector.

Highest earning jobs

Of the top 10 sectors covered by CareerJunction’s 2016 Salary Review, SA’s top earners (skilled and senior level) were identified in the following occupations:

Skilled level professionals

Senior level professionals

Please note that all salaries represent average monthly cost to company figures. Findings are based on salary offerings on (30,000 + jobs monthly) for the latest measurable period (October 2015 to February 2016).

You can view/download the full 2016 Salary Review here.

6 Apr 2016 12:01