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CareerJunction: CEO Kris Jarzebowski to retire in 2015

Kris Jarzebowski, the current CEO of Interactive Junction Holdings, will be retiring in June 2015.
CareerJunction: CEO Kris Jarzebowski to retire in 2015

As part of the company's succession planning process he will be stepping down from his position on 1 March 2014. Kris was a founding member of RGi WorkNet in 1997, which later changed its name to CareerJunction, and has been instrumental in building the company into a leader in the online career solutions industry in South Africa. From 1 March 2014 until his retirement Kris will be handing over to his successor and will take up the position of Chief Officer - Special Projects in charge of key development projects.

Leadership of the company will be taken over by Paul Byrne. Paul joined CareerJunction in June 2001 and has been a member of the board for the past two years. Paul brings with him a wealth of experience having held a number of positions in the company including, sales person, business unit manager, country manager for the UAE region and chief operating officer.

"CareerJunction has established a strong brand position in the online career solutions market and we have always prided ourselves on providing innovative solutions and a strong focus on customer service. I have enjoyed building the business from a start-up to the company it is today and am confident in Paul's ability to lead it into the future," said Kris Jarzebowski.

"Kris has done a great job in leading the company and we are thankful for being able to retain his skills and experience to ensure a smooth handover to Paul and to drive some of our key development projects" said Brian Wootton, executive - corporate finance and operations at Times Media.

Interactive Junction Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a 100% held subsidiary of Times Media (Pty) Ltd

24 Feb 2014 14:56



Vivian Warby is a senior freelance journalist for in Cape Town. She can be contacted on