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Innovative design makes for L I T E work

At Rocket Creative innovation is a perpetual mind-set, with the foundation based on creatively originating anything the company feels they have the expertise and capabilities to create. Innovation doesn't happen by coincidence, and the development of a truly innovative product does not happen by chance. It is as a direct result of the innovator being in touch with the market's needs and giving their clients what they need, when they need it, without them knowing it.
Based on the drive to deliver an original product combined with industry leading functionality and aesthetics, Rocket Creative conceptualised and originated a modular hollow core elliptical shaped demo plinth for the demo and display industry. The initial production version was very enthusiastically received by the industry, predominantly the electronics and cosmetics industry, with most notably Cell C, Lenovo, Futjitsu, Samsung and Clarins utilising the units to promote their brands in-store.

Innovative design makes for L I T E work

However the ever present weight issue always still played a factor. With further research and development they managed to evolve the product by dropping the weight 30% from the original 15kg to approximately 10.5 kg per unit which was a significant achievement in itself. However the need for an even lighter unit, specifically for use in the cosmetics industry was required where promotional ladies transported the units, and so the team at Rocket Creative embarked on a further development process. This resulted in a combination of precise manufacturing technologies and materials, and delivered a unit with an ultra-low weight of 4.6kg per complete assembled unit including the printed panel wrap. This is a remarkable 30% of what the original V1 design tipped the scales at.

Explains Diana Sellers, Sales Manager at Rocket Creative, "Our driven R & D process extended the boundaries of Rocket Creative's design and development expertise, and now with the cutting-edge manufacturing process with ultra-light composite materials having being, designed, tested and proven we shall be applying the same processes through to other standard elements of ours where unit weight and ease of transport and use is the key variable."

This ingenious and inventive product development has once again demonstrated Rocket Creatives position as a formidable front runner in the in-store, merchandising and display industry, and proven that their innovative approach is indispensable in supplying class leading original product.

About Rocket Creative
Innovative design makes for L I T E work
Launched in 1998, Rocket Creative has grown exponentially to become an innovative player in the display industry with a core focus on brand activation, promotional, merchandising & point-of-sale display hardware. Due to our innovative approach we have achieved significant recognition within the industry and are proud to be suppliers of aesthetically unique branding product used to promote and activate virtually every blue chip brand on the South African market, as well as extending our penetration to the lucrative international export markets.

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28 Mar 2012 12:06