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Interactive brand activation solutions offered by Rocket Creative

In addition to the extensive range of standard display and activation solutions offered by Rocket Creative, the company is also continually tasked to originate and fabricate original, trendsetting solutions which provide activation specific functionality.
Comments Rocket Creative Managing and Creative Director, Richard Nilson, "The Rocket Creative team has the experience and inventiveness to conceptualise innovative interactive solutions which attract and capture the consumer's attention at brand activation sites. By combining static and electronic gaming elements a cost effective & attractive activation element can be generated. Such functional items include money-blowing machines, competition spinning wheels, countdown timers, lucky draw elements, match-the-box stacking sets, etc."

Interactive brand activation solutions offered by Rocket Creative

Rocket Creative has also recently released a branded staging platform kit specifically intended for modular activation-type applications. Suitable for both indoor or outdoor use the turn key staging kit solution is supplied in segmented modules for ease of transport and handling, which when joined together on-site forms a large format, superbly stable raised floor platform which delivers an elevated activation area and maximises branding exposure. As modules are sold individually clients have the have the option to purchase as many modules and they require for their specific size staging requirements.

The kits are built to the required stage height and this can also be changed from campaign to campaign. Additional optional functional features include mounting brackets for the addition of flying banners, or of connecting spigots for the addition of a rear wall frame backdrop that supports a rear wall graphic banner.

Interactive brand activation solutions offered by Rocket Creative

About Rocket Creative:

Launched in 1998, Rocket Creative has grown exponentially to become an innovative player in the display industry with a core focus on brand activation, promotional, merchandising and point-of-sale display hardware. Due to our solution focussed & inventive range we have achieved significant recognition within the industry and are proud to be suppliers of product used to promote and activate virtually every blue chip brand in the South African market, as well as extending our penetration to the lucrative international export markets.

19 Oct 2011 12:09