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Rocket Creative acquires specialist fabrication partner

The diversity of design and production capabilities that Rocket Creative offered to date has enabled us to maintain steady growth and recognition within the industry even during the difficult recession hit years. However the harsh realities of business are that our fabrication is not able to keep adrift with our design complexity as well as our clients' demands for the latest fabrication techniques and material usage.
Rocket Creative acquires specialist fabrication partner
Richard Nilson, Managing Director of Rocket Creative explains, "In recognising that we cannot be everything to everyone and cannot possibly offer all manufacturing techniques and specialties under one roof, a strategic decision was made to rather invest in acquiring a stake in an industry proven, specialist manufacturing plant."

This acquisition will allow Rocket Creative to continue building their standard display and activation elements & digital printing in-house, but now has direct access to offer world class specialist production including full wood, metal, acrylic and vac forming capabilities, as well as much specialised fibreglass & composite fabrication.

The immediate benefit will be full customised and specialised fabrication availability, and Rocket Creative had the perfect opportunity to demonstrate this enhanced capability with a custom project for the prestigious Estee Lauder brand. Rocket Creative was briefed to manufacture custom Christmas FSU stands which will be placed in new stores to evaluate emerging markets and boost the tradition Christmas product demand. This projects fabrication technique included full CNC die cut MDF with high quality spray finish, product visuals and branding.

Another significant added benefit of this technology access will be to allow the company to implement product upgrades to a number of existing elements already on offer such as our demo trolley; table and activation counter range where ease of use and weight are critical factors. This will be done by utilising cutting edge fabrication techniques and materials.

Based on the standard of the Estee Lauder manufacture Rocket Creative is set to offer even greater levels of creativity and manufacturing speciality, capacity, value and service delivery.

About Rocket Creative:

Launched in 1998, Rocket Creative has become an innovative market leader in the display industry with a core focus on brand activation, promotional, merchandising & point-of-sale display hardware. Due to our solution focussed and inventive range we have achieved significant recognition within the industry and are proud to be suppliers of product used to promote and activate virtually every blue chip brand in the South African market, as well as extending our penetration to the lucrative international export markets.

4 Oct 2011 15:45