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Fresh new EDP (Elliptical Display Plinth) range released by Rocket Creative

In order to ensure your product stands out from the crowd every single brand is always on the look out for the latest, most original display, marketing and advertising elements to set their brands apart. In the display industry the project brief companies most often hear from clients is, "We want something new and different."

For this very reason 95% of the product that Rocket Creative manufactures and sells is exclusively conceptualised and designed to creatively target specific and clearly identified requirements, taking into account the required functionality, durability, usage and the usual budget parameters.

Fresh new EDP (Elliptical Display Plinth) range released by Rocket Creative
Explains Richard Nilson, Rocket Creatives MD, "Our new Elliptical Plinth range is further evidence of our perpetual effort to generate product with our originality and solution focused approach. Targeting the in-store demo and larger more established activation and display requirements the innovative elliptical Demo Plinth range has evolved, and is continuing to evolve into providing an unique and aesthetically original display solution."

Consisting of three sizes, the Mini, Midi and Maxi elliptical plinths offer a wide range of applications. Due to current size and portability constraints of promoters the Mini unit is intentionally suited for in-store applications. The Midi and Maxi sizes, although also suitable for in-store have since the initial launch become most often used for the generic product display and activation environments where taxi transport is not a defining parameter.

The range comprises of the three size options of Mini (350mm x 450mm), Midi (450mm x 650mm) and Maxi (490mm x 790mm) and have elliptical work surfaces with a hollow core centre which allows are for a fully concealed internal storage area. Structures are then clad in a printed flexible graphic wrap with effortless Velcro attachments and are over laminated for maximised durability. Due to the modularity all graphics are effortlessly replaceable.

Fresh new EDP (Elliptical Display Plinth) range released by Rocket Creative

Rocket Creative prides itself on continually innovating with and for their customers. This involves creating elements that are aesthetically pleasing, cost effective and functionally effortless, and with a superb response on the new plinth range from clients Rocket Creative is confident that they are offering a further industry leading original product to the burgeoning display and activation industry.

6 Sep 2011 08:31