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Mobilise your brand with Rocket Creative

In the current ultra-competitive marketplace and even with the traditional advertising mediums, i.e. television, radio, newspapers, now being complemented by all digital media opportunities such as the Web, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc., the statistics remain clear that approximately 70% of all purchasing decisions are still made in-store.
Mobilise your brand with Rocket Creative
In order to maximise the in-store opportunities face-to-face brand activation plays a critical role in both exposing customers to new product and influencing the consumers' decision-making process at the point of purchase.

Constantly originating new, exciting and affordable ways to engage the customer is key and Richard Nilson, MD of Rocket Creative elaborates, "Rocket Creative has enjoyed a 13-year evolution working within the activation industry segment spanning shopping mall centre courts, mobile niche exhibitions and outdoor eventing-based display elements, through to the more conventional in-store activation and promotional elements, and literally everything from a physical display perspective in-between. This specialised depth of knowledge has allowed us to generate a substantial range of standard solutions for literally every type of brand activation requirement, as well as accurately identify and design and turnkey solution for customised requirements."

Mobilise your brand with Rocket Creative

By being cognisant of the fact that the vast majority of display and activation equipment is supplied on a self-installation basis, Rocket Creative adopts a thorough focus on the 'maximum significance coupled with minimum form' approach. All solutions offered are innovatively designed to deliver exacting functionality with simplistic effort all packaged at a cost-effective price point to the client, delivering visually stimulating appeal and awareness for the product.

A sizable range of standard elements is available when it comes to in-store promotional equipment based on budget and size parameters. For the larger promotional and eventing activity, on offer is a broad range of tables and counters with a larger format, better suited for a more premium type of activation environment, i.e. mall courts, banks, cell phone stores, etc. And for the client looking for a complete activation solution, also offered is a range of six complete kits ranging in size and cost. Within the activation arena the general aim is to attract passing trade and involve them in the fun activities. Rocket Creative also offers customised and interactive activation elements specifically suited to these requirements, such as competition spinning wheels, soccer kicking walls, money blowing booths, etc.

25 Aug 2011 12:51