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Rocket Creative launches pilot MAC Cosmetics Pop-Up Store Concept

The Rocket Creative crew recently had the pleasure of working on a unique, collaborative project with the internationally acclaimed make-up brand Mac Cosmetics, a division of the prestigious Estee Lauder Group in Southern Africa. The specialised project involved bringing the latest in international trends, the Pop-Up Retail Store concept to fruition for use in the South African retail market.

Richard Nilson, Managing Director of Rocket Creative elaborates, "The concept of the internationally designed pilot project is a one of a portable Pop Up Store that is able to be transported and installed at different locations whilst maintaining the up-market aesthetics and functionality required by the industry leading brand MAC Cosmetics. With the key deliverables of the design being modularity and flexibility the set has the capability to be installed in a variety of foot print formats based on the available floor space in any desired retail environment. The appeal of this concept of the 'spend once/use repeatedly' principle is that budget spend is incurred as a once off expenditure and then amortised over the years and multiple intended uses, thereby making it a logical & astute addition to any effective sales & marketing strategy."

The concepts primary functionality is to enable the brand to identify fresh retail markets as well as to expose the brand on a trial basis to previously un-tapped target markets. It is this flexibility to manage & evaluate new trading locations that is critical for any brands growth & development. These relatively short 'trial exposure' windows can drive substantial incremental revenue for brands utilising this concept and Mac Cosmetics has already utilised the modular store in 3 locations nationally with rewarding success.

Rocket Creative launches pilot MAC Cosmetics Pop-Up Store Concept
Rocket Creative launches pilot MAC Cosmetics Pop-Up Store Concept

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Launched in 1998, Rocket Creative has become an innovative market leader in the display industry with a core focus on brand activation, promotional, merchandising & point-of-sale display hardware. Due to our solution focussed & inventive range we have achieved significant recognition within the industry and are proud to be suppliers of product used to promote and activate virtually every blue chip brand in the South African market, as well as extending our penetration to the lucrative international export markets.

24 Jun 2011 12:38