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Rocket Creative launches retail focussed ChargerLITE product merchandising solution

Rocket Creative Design & Display successfully prototyped and recently launched their innovative new ChargerLITE product merchandising unit.
Rocket Creative launches retail focussed ChargerLITE product merchandising solution
The unique fabrication methodology contained in their new product offering directly addresses the persistent flaws of the conventional cardboard fold up standees traditionally used within retail display applications.

Richard Nilson, MD and originator of the ChargerLITE format explains, "Entry level fluted cardboard standees are the industry norm for temporary/promo applications however they all have the same inherent weakness. The weakness is that the fluted cardboard that forms both the print surface and the core structure does not endure abusive retail conditions well and quickly becomes unstable and shoddy. For a FSU needing a life span of anything longer than two-three months within retail, this traditional solution simply falls short of the requirement often leaving big brand names poorly exposed.

Our unique ChargerLITE build format specifically targets this flawed industry-norm. Our proprietary designed fabrication process utilises an ultra-lightweight sub-structure which supports all of the product load demands and considerably increases the rigidity and stability of a unit, extending its lifespan substantially. Whereas on cardboard fold up stands where the printed material also forms the sub-structure, the ChargerLITE's independent structure delivers all the functional stability required which then allows the cosmetic graphic panels to be a purely aesthetic element. As the print component needs not deliver any structural rigidity they may be printed on thinner, more cost effective and manageable substrates allowing for a more economical initial print cost, as well as allowing the added benefit for cost effective re-branding and ease of fitment."

The durable sub-structure significantly increases the lifespan of a unit thereby improving a unit's ROI. A further cost saving benefit is that units are supplied flat packaged for maximised savings on distribution costs as volumetric size and weight calculations are the minimum physically possible for a unit of this nature. All units are also supplied with full 3D assembly instructions for a simple, tool free on-site assembly in under 10 minutes.

The ChargerLITE launch is set to revolutionise the product merchandising industry for those clientele needing more structural solutions. For enquiries for your brand contact Rocket Creative Design & Display at or call 011 262 4698 for more information and assistance.

About Rocket Creative Design & Display:

Launched in early 1998, Rocket Creative evolved exponentially to become an innovative player in the design and display industry with a core focus on the design and origination of inventive visual display, brand activation, promotional, product merchandising & point-of-sale hardware. Due to a relentless innovative approach the company has achieved significant recognition within the industry and are honored to be suppliers of aesthetically unique branding product used to promote and activate virtually every blue chip brand within Sub-Saharan Africa as well as servicing global export clientele.

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3 Jun 2016 09:48