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Rocket Creative Design & Display - The Creative Executioner

In order to achieve any type of success and recognition within the display industry there are a host of factors which come into play.
Recent products by the Rocket Creative crew
Recent products by the Rocket Creative crew
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Three critical key factors that determine a successful player are firstly the innate ability to create truly fresh and original designs; second is the capability and expertise to take those conceptual designs and develop them into an aesthetically impressive and functionally sound product, and then finally to have the ability and facility to bring them to fruition in the marketplace.

Marketing theories and business operation strategies can be learnt in school, but school can't teach you what to sell. One needs to understand how to identify the market and how to create a product that your market will consume. To really bring a successful product to life is very hard to teach, and those doing so quickly learn what product creation is really all about.

Richard Nilson, Rocket Creatives' MD, explains, "Our business prides itself on being what I have termed a 'Creative Executioner'. We originate innovative and imaginative concepts and then generate all research, development, manufacturing and marketing necessary to execute the vision. Our clients buy into us not because of what infrastructure we have or what kind of machinery or printers we run. They support us because they recognise and value our creativity, our original in-depth design and manufacturing expertise and the fact that we have the polished ability to turn our ingenious concepts into tangible, creative display products on a daily basis. If you are planning to run an integrated campaign with an activation or experiential component, then Rocket Creative is the company you should see first."

He adds, "There are many display companies that churn out the same generic display product as the majority of the industry. There is zero creativity involved in sourcing structures from China, adding a print element and selling it as a creative solution, although many do. These products are merely commodities and the success of most of these types of elements ultimately boils down to who is prepared to sell it the cheapest and the first thing to go in that equation is product quality, closely followed by client service. Rocket Creative are not traders, resellers, a print bureau, a sourcing company or an importer of product or structures manufactured overseas. We supply genuine, proudly South African designed and manufactured original display product."

Rocket Creative boasts a broad range of blue-chip clients and brands across all sectors of the market. We offer an extensive range of display, merchandising, activation and experiential product suited to meet virtually every application. For assistance with your brand using our innovative solutions please contact the Rocket Creative crew on 011 262 4698 or email az.oc.evitaerctekcor@ofni for more information and quotations.

About Rocket Creative:
Launched in Feb 1998, Rocket Creative evolved exponentially to become an innovative player in the design and display industry with a core focus on the design and origination of unique display, brand activation, promotional, merchandising and point-of-sale display hardware. Due to our relentless innovative approach we have achieved significant recognition within the industry and are proud to be suppliers of aesthetically unique branding product used to promote and activate virtually every blue-chip brand on the South African market, as well as being a registered exporter to service our clients in global markets.

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