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Brand SA and Zinto launch Play Your Part Dance Against Drugs campaign

Brand SA is now launching the Play Your Part Dance Against Drugs campaign, together with Zinto, to lead the way and inspire both the business community and the general public to grow this corporate initiative, which is driving its anti-drug abuse messaging at schools and mall activations aimed at the youth.
Brand SA launched Play Your Part a national campaign that encourages all South Africans to contribute to positive change and use some of their time, money or skills to contribute to a better future for all. Acknowledging South Africa's drug crisis, Brand SA wanted to extend a commitment to help combat it by identifying a platform that they could use in conjunction with their existing Play Your Part campaign.

They chose the hip hop concept Dance Against Drugs, brainchild of Michelle Combrinck of Zinto, as a vehicle to combine with Play Your Part, to educate the youth about drug awareness, fight substance abuse and to get school learners to be active in the fight against drug addiction. Dance Against Drugs was created as a hip hop culture tool to communicate key messages to the youth.

The activations will be coordinated by Zinto and will take place in Johannesburg at Maponya Mall, Cape Town at Promenade Mall and in Durban at Umlazi Mega City Mall during July 2013.

Zinto will provide music and entertainment, supply sound, staging and lighting, gig rigs, performers including George Avakian, DJ Leo Large, Big Dreams and backup dancers, Reptilez, for the live and scripted shows.

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10 Jul 2013 12:22