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Zinto creates new platforms for brands to engage with the youth market

The Zinto Activation Group (Zinto), a brand activations and entertainment company, is continually at the forefront of creating new platforms for brands to engage with the youth market and contribute to socially conscious marketing initiatives. Their edutainment format assists the learning process by using the power of dance and music to communicate key messages to the youth.
Zinto recently collaborated with graduates from the Tshwane University of Technology to create tutorial DVDs as educational tools for Grade 11 and 12 learners. The productions promote learning by assisting pupils with curriculum set works, such as Othello and Animal Farm, via a medium they can identify with and in a context they will understand.

The multimedia campaign uses Zinto's creative talent, including dance, music and industrial theatre to interpret the set works. The visual nature transcends communication and language barriers, enabling students to learn while enjoying the experience.

Previously, Zinto embarked on awareness campaigns that targeted high schools in order to penetrate the youth market. For example, Dance against Drugs, a drug awareness campaign, was highly successful in reaching its educational objectives. It encouraged young people not to get involved in drugs and alcohol, but rather to focus their energy on dance or any other art form as a means of achieving a natural 'high'.

More recently the To be the Man and I've got your Back campaigns were formulated in response to the rape incident that went viral on social media platforms. The aim of the two campaigns is to educate the adolescents in communities and address their problems.

Corporates now have the opportunity to market with a conscience and strategically align their brands with these educational campaigns through investor sponsorship and endorsement opportunities.

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3 Sep 2012 09:38