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Zinto transforms its corporate identity look and feel

Zinto Marketing Group has been in operation for more than ten years and the brand is embracing change and embarking on a rebrand by refreshing its identity and changing its name to Zinto Activations Group (ZAG).
These changes are in line with an internal strategic realignment to ensure that the brand represents a single minded concept. To date, ZAG has been promoting the business components separately rather than communicating the elements in their entirety and the idea behind the rebrand is to present a consistent look and feel and application of the ZAG brand that is identifiable to the target audience and that communicates an integrated message.

ZAG is a full service below the line marketing group that specialises in experiential marketing (brand activation). ZAG develops campaign ideas and concepts from start to finish including; gig rigs, talent management, events and entertainment, stage lighting and sound, brand encounters, brand concerts, brand character creation and management and workplace (industrial) theatre.

Brand activation or experiential marketing is the customer's real experience of a brand, product or service that will drive sales and increase brand image and awareness. Rather than telling people about the features of a product or service, brand activation engages the consumer in the process of experiencing the benefits for themselves. These personal experiences assist individuals to connect to a brand and make intelligent and informed purchasing decisions and when done correctly brand activation is the most powerful tool in winning brand loyalty.

Michelle Combrinck, CEO and founder of ZAG, concludes: "It is the right time for a 'facelift' and a fresh way of viewing the world out there in terms of studying consumer purchase and consumption behaviour. Times are tough and people are on the lookout for great quality, fun experiences and value for money. The world of branded entertainment makes a brand stand out and consumers get to hear the brand's voice which articulates what it stands for and why consumers should engage with it, and so, the race begins as we hurtle towards summer and everything that goes along with holidays, sunshine and a bit of relaxation!"

All communications will be adapted to develop a ZAG brand visual language that captures and expresses the brand essence.

22 Sep 2011 15:21