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ZAG bats a triple season with KFC's mini cricket roadshows

For the third consecutive year Zinto Activation Group (ZAG) has been contracted by KFC to run its dynamic roadshows and festivals for the KFC Mini Cricket brand.
KFC's brand ambassadors will interact with and educate the mini cricketers and spectators at the KFC Mini Cricket Action Zones with various fun days and family festivities taking place around the country.

The roadshows make use of ZAG's performers and brand ambassadors to create hype and deliver the KFC brand in an entertaining and engaging manner using the universal mediums of music and dance. The crew travels around the country to perform at the regional festivals which creates an opportunity for the next generation of cricket fanatics to experience the game of cricket, learning basic skills from batting to bowling and fielding in an entertaining and exciting environment.

The ZAG crew also includes the young players, parents and teachers/coaches into the show creating fun moments for the KFC Mini Cricket family to share and providing an entertaining day out for the whole family to enjoy.

For more information on ZAG visit and for more information on KFC Mini Cricket, please contact CSA on 011 880 2810.

12 Dec 2011 15:18