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Roll call for professional promoters

Promoters are important brand custodians and the quality and enthusiasm of promoter staff can make or break an in-store campaign. A brand ambassador is responsible for marketing and promoting brand names by engaging consumers and interacting with them on a personal level.
The profile of the average promoter includes mostly young part-time employees who have no training in the finer aspects of brand promotion. However, Zinto Activation Group (ZAG) offers the professional support and training needed to create a proud brand ambassador by entrenching the intrinsic characteristics of the brand with the individuals that represent them. ZAG also address subjects such as; appearance, grooming, confidence, ability to handle difficult queries, and what to do when something goes wrong in-store.

The interactive role of engaging consumers raises confidence levels, improves verbal and communicative skills, and increases understanding of consumer purchase and consumption behaviour, making the representatives invaluable to the promotions company and the brand. Good brand representatives know the product, the competition and the market.

A quality promoter is one that engages consumers, moves product and gives an edge to the brands they symbolise. If you think you have the skills to become a good promoter, contact Zinto Activations Group (ZAG) 011 553 1000.

6 Sep 2011 15:14