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Kotex Young goes back on the road with Zinto

Zinto Activation Group (ZAG) in conjunction with Kotex® Young embarked on a Primary School Roadshow. For the first time this year the Kotex® Young team travelled to Bloemfontein and Polokwane where the roadshow was well received by the teen audiences. The Kotex® Young team recently wrapped up their Durban leg of the tour using the roadshow as a platform to introduce the new Kotex® Young Maxi pad to the female learners.
The Kotex® Young Roadshow is an educational roadshow that teaches primary school girls about their bodies and the changes they should expect as they enter puberty, including how to use sanitary products effectively with samples for the girls to take and try at home.

Kotex® Young was launched specifically for the teen market, with products designed to adapt to a young and changing body, giving them the comfort and confidence they need. Utilising the animated brand icon Kita in the show, which is incorporated on the product packaging and other marketing material, provides an association between the information disseminated and the brand. The character of Kita has a dedicated global website ( where girls can go to socialise, ask questions and find information.

The multimedia campaign uses ZAG's team of creative talent including dance and industrial theatre to showcase an entertaining and informative piece, which speaks a language that teens can easily relate to. Additionally the visual nature of the show transcends communication barriers. Fairhaven Primary commented, "The roadshow was enjoyed and well received by the girls. A very formal and relevant show that makes use of clear and concise visuals and narratives, and the knowledge imparted is understandable."

"The Kotex® Young Roadshow has been very well received by schools and parents alike as it provides an important function educating young girls about feminine hygiene and their bodies. Women today have many roles and often the opportunity to properly bond with their daughters, especially as they become teenagers, is strained, therefore going forward we plan to implement weekend sessions at select schools where girls and their mothers can attend the roadshow together providing a bonding opportunity, we piloted this aspect in 2010 with a very positive response," commented Michelle Combrinck, CEO Zinto Activation Group.

Positive comments from the schools visited reflect the role the show is playing in assisting the educational process and raising awareness about such an important topic. According to teachers who attended the show at Greenvale Primary, "The learners were captivated by the presentation and the information was relevant and at the level of the learners. We have had other companies presenting similar programmes but Kotex® Young was outstanding."

Parsee Rustomjee Primary School added, "An excellent show in terms of the performances, educational content, and entertainment. The learners enjoyed it and it was beneficial to all. The concepts were explained in a way that the learners could identify with."

Final words from The School Governing Body of Glenview Primary School summed it up, "We have hosted a number of organisations on issues of female health, menstruation issues relating to young females. However, the feedback from the educators and learners has praised the Kotex® Young Roadshow as the best. Educators have indicated that the content and presentation was lively, relevant, accurate, interactive and meaningful."

The Kotex® Young Roadshow will be visiting primary schools in the Cape Town region in September and October 2011.

5 Aug 2011 15:11