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MTN engage Zinto to drive MTN 1-4-1 message home

The start of the cricket season provided the perfect opportunity for MTN, sponsors of the MTN40 cricket fixtures, to launch their MTN 1-4-1 summer campaign through brand activation specialists the Zinto Marketing Group.
MTN engage Zinto to drive MTN 1-4-1 message home
MTN engage Zinto to drive MTN 1-4-1 message home
The brand activations are taking place during select matches in Gauteng, Western Cape and KZN between October 2010 and January 2011.

The focus of the campaign was to raise awareness about MTN's 1-4-1 loyalty programme as well as identify MTN as the only network provider with such a programme, by highlighting the benefits of contract customers belonging to MTN 1-4-1.

Zinto MTN ambassadors were tasked with interacting and educating the audience in a fun and informative way targeting spectators as they entered the stadium and later moving through the crowds, offering face painting and explaining how to register for MTN 1-4-1 while promoting a competition to win a trip to India as well as instant prizes for those who registered or redeemed points. Additionally a Flash Mob team, kitted out in their yellow wigs, capes and funky accessories, were on hand to entertain the spectators by making themselves seen and heard every time something exciting happened on the field, conducting silly freeze frames and skits all the while reinforcing the message to join MTN 1-4-1.

A catchy MTN loyalty jingle was composed and combined with a short fun dance routine that was performed regularly during the match by MTN ambassadors and flash mob members. At six select venues, talented beat boxer George Avakian was also on hand to perform an entertaining set, wowing crowds with his skill while working in the MTN 1-4-1 message.

"The activations which have taken place so far have proven successful, with a positive response to the promoters and especially to the flash mob, who were in demand by the spectators. We were able to identify and convert MTN subscribers who were not yet registered for the programme and give feedback to the client regarding the general public's response to the MTN 1-4-1 loyalty initiative", concluded Michelle Combrinck, CEO Zinto Marketing Group.

6 Dec 2010 10:09