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Zinto teach dancers the business

The Zinto Marketing Group, specialists in branded entertainment have embarked on a "get everyone shaking" programme to upskill their performance staff in order to prepare them for the future and add benefit to the business model as a whole.
"The core employee complement is made up of performers, mainly dancers, who are still fairly young, we saw potential to bring assets into the business and utilise their creativity on and off the stage. Opportunities for dancers are limited especially as they get older and in this way we can retain their skill in the business," commented Michelle Combrinck, CEO Zinto Marketing Group.

The programme includes teaching the performers the do's and don'ts of selling, how to draft and present a proposal, computer literacy, basic marketing and presentation skills as well as mentoring opportunities. In this way Zinto has the added benefit of increasing their sales force while investing in their performers through staff training, empowerment and development initiatives.

A perfect example is Khahliso Khohlooa, who has been with the company for seven years. She started out as a presenter on one of Zinto's branded entertainment roadshows and has developed herself to the point where she now presents new business pitches to high profile clients.

"Without stifling, their creativity or energy, the dancers now have opportunities to design the show and give input on what will work when preparing a pitch for a client, especially as they are usually the target market and understand what will appeal to the market, which benefits Zinto as a business and our clients as the concept followed through completely from inception to final performance," added Combrinck.

9 Nov 2010 13:24