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Zinto CSI initiative takes dance behind bars

Brand activation specialists, Zinto Marketing Group, have introduced their latest CSI initiative taking hip hop, pantsula, popping and breakdancing into prisons around Johannesburg. Zinto Marketing Group and its “Amajita Ayajika - the men are jiving” workshop will be visiting Sun City prison in the south of Johannesburg, as the first of many future dance workshops aimed at prisoners, as part of a rehabilitation programme while serving their sentences.
The first three-hour workshop will be taking place on Friday 30 October from 9am to 12pm. Prisoners are able to select a specific style of dance that they are interested in and learn exciting moves from the dancers. As an added extra, various dancers including well-known group, Kinesics, will be performing for the prisoners during the workshop.

Not only does dance provide exercise, it also reduces aggression, teaches focus and discipline to those prisoners seeking to reform and rehabilitate, and increases creativity. Zinto Marketing Group has therefore developed these workshops as they have the potential to provide direction and passion for South Africans in prisons around Johannesburg.
23 Oct 2009 08:10