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Zinto assists with farewell for Daveyton learners

Out of 153 pupils at Dinoto Technical Secondary School, 100 percent achieved entry to write final examinations. The principal of the school, Mr TJ White, gave credit to the hardworking learners and Global Maths, an organisation specialising in assisting learners from disadvantaged communities from Daveyton.
Principal White and teaching staff congratulate a matric pupil from Dinoto Technical Secondary School in Daveyton.
Principal White and teaching staff congratulate a matric pupil from Dinoto Technical Secondary School in Daveyton.
The principal of the school recently posted a plea for sponsorship, requesting the assistance of local businesses and influential people from the community to help the school host a Grade 12 Farewell in celebration of these learners’ determination to succeed against all odds.

“Daveyton is a community characterised by hardship where the majority of learners often drop out before the final year. Challenging life circumstances, such as teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, drug abuse and domestic and gender-based violence and gangsterism coupled with poverty are among the social hardships that these youngsters encounter daily. But the pupils of 2016 have shown that regardless these challenges, striving for greatness and work towards improving their living conditions and future prospects has untold benefits,” said Principal White.

He extended gratitude to the sponsors who supported and contributed to the success of the event. “If it were not for their generous assistance, donations and sponsorships, the ceremony would not have been possible. Our appreciation goes to Zinto Marketing Group and all the contributors who made the event possible.”

Zinto provided the platform: sound and staging on the day to create a truly memorable experience with a performance by the school's dance group for the Grade 12 pupils.

Comments Michelle Combrinck, founder and head of special projects at Zinto, “We wanted to offer our encouragement to these young learners, for whom we know education is the tool to changing lives, and is a strong focus of our youth-orientated business. Since inception, we have sourced first-time jobseekers living in underprovided communities, to bridge the divide to gaining experience while looking for other work opportunities or to provide a springboard to establish their own business. We champion youth who want to become active jobseekers and opportunity creators as youth unemployment remains a crisis.”

For more information about Zinto visit or contact Michelle Combrinck on 011 553 1000.

23 Nov 2016 12:13