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Zinto mentors aspiring marketers at 'Tuks'

The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences at the University of Pretoria ('Tuks') recently invited the Zinto Marketing Group (Zinto) as guest speaker to address young marketing enthusiasts studying Honours in B.Com Marketing Management. Part of the curriculum requires learners to organise an event and create awareness to raise funds for a non-profit organisation.
Jolanda Payne
Jolanda Payne

Zinto mentors aspiring marketers at 'Tuks'
As experts in the field of brand activation, entertainment and events, Zinto was requested to provide the students with the necessary background information needed to run a successful campaign. The module included a general overview and introduction to events management as well as highlighting the challenges and providing possible solutions to overcome obstacles in the event space and improve marketing efforts.

Dr Liezl-MariĆ© Kruger, Senior Lecturer: Department of Marketing Management commented, “Zinto’s experience in events management greatly benefited the students in their endeavours to organise and complete their non-profit event(s).”

Zinto selected account executive and project manager, Jolanda Payne (26), to attend the course-related event organised by the university. She has worked at the brand agency for the last eight years and is passionate about event management and seeing her ideas come to fruition.

Jolanda relished the interaction with the students, “You feel that you are doing something good to unlock the potential in people. It is about drawing on experience and I would really encourage people to take up the opportunity because it is good to give back and share the knowledge that we have acquired.”
Earlier this year, Zinto launched Zenzele Educational Doorway, a brand ambassador training academy and incubation centre for future client service professionals.

The three-month pilot project aims to provide informal training programmes to produce proficient brand activators and storytellers using visual narrative in the marketing and events industry.

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15 Aug 2016 10:39