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Zinto is tackling youth unemployment

The Zinto Marketing Group (Zinto) will exhibit at the eighth annual Soweto Career Day and Expo scheduled to take place from 24 to 25 March 2015 at Orlando Community Hall in Soweto, where it aims to reduce unemployment in the country by offering young South Africans an opportunity to enrol at the Zinto Training Academy (ZTA).
Zinto is tackling youth unemployment
The academy aims to expose school-leavers, students, and unskilled youngsters to the marketing and promotional industry by offering valuable training on brand activity, and is free to the public.

The practical experience offered at the academy will include six modules addressing the basic fundamentals of sales and marketing, consumer purchase and consumption behaviour, the essentials of promotional activity, a business case to examine the return on investment for a brand, and professional conduct of a trained brand ambassador.

Zinto founder and CEO Michelle Combrinck says: "Zinto has played a significant role in removing barriers for the youth to enter the job market. We specialise in experiential marketing and branded entertainment which involves packaging an entertainment event around a brand to create a captivating experience. This is achieved through a variety of vehicles including in-store activations, branded concerts, industrial theatre and live entertainment platforms."

Individuals will be given the educational skills and expertise to execute successful in-store campaigns as well as the professional support and mentorship needed to engage with brands and consumers successfully.

She adds: "Our creative team of activation specialists boasts a diverse combination of skills and talent that you would not expect to find in a promotions company, including singers, dancers, choreographers, scriptwriters and hip hop performers."

For this reason, Zinto will also be using the exhibit to introduce talented but unemployed individuals to the ZTA to provide formal instruction to dedicated dance and theatre performers from the community.

If you think you have the skills or talent to become a good promoter or brand entertainer, visit the Zinto stand at the Soweto Career Day and Expo and learn more about this exciting career opportunity.

For more information contact Michelle Combrinck of Zinto on 011 553 1000 or visit

24 Mar 2015 12:01