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Doves activation takes flight

To differentiate its funeral services in a market saturated by formal and informal (stokvel) suppliers, Doves , one of the largest funeral companies in southern Africa, has appointed the Zinto Marketing Group (Zinto) to host a series of one-on-one activations at homes and churches across the country.
This will see professional brand ambassadors and event hosts and hostesses educating existing and potential policy-holders and informing them of the various funeral policies and their benefits.

The big idea for the campaign was based on the fact that cultural and social pressures associated with traditional South African communities, means there's an expectation that the bereaved will host a lavish ceremony and memorial service including an "after tears" celebration that will continue long after the deceased is laid to rest.

In light of this Michelle Combrinck, CEO and founder of Zinto, comments, "Traditional markets prefer one-on-one interaction and word-of-mouth so whether you connect with your consumers in their home, or build upon a shared system of beliefs at a larger venue, like a church, the importance of storytelling in purchasing decisions and how this influences buying decisions means that these brand encounters will be a useful space for consumers to get involved, ask questions and broaden their understanding about the Doves brand."

Combrink adds that the key insights that preceded the campaign were based on the fact that there are many funeral directing companies offering a variety of plans and funeral cover can cost from R50 to R5,000 a month to fund these lavish ceremonials that would otherwise be difficult for the main market to afford.

The community events have therefore been designed to address audiences in a sensitive manner using a combination of gospel music, traditional dance and African cuisine/feasts and activation activities that will include competitions, giveaways and product demonstrations thereby increasing brand awareness and driving sales.

Luxury branded vehicles will also drive through the 'new suburbs' indicative of a comfortable passing to eternal rest and is symbolic of the status and prestige vested in the Doves brand.

For more information contact Nadia Du Plooy of Zinto on 011 553 1000 or visit

4 Mar 2015 12:26