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Zinto boosts 5FM team with its Bossaball marketing initiative

Zinto Sports (a division of Zinto Marketing Group, an established brand activation, entertainment and event company) has leveraged the synergy between its Bossaball marketing initiative and 5FM, to allow the youth radio station to end off the year with a highly beneficial annual team-build and year-end event.
Zinto CEO Michelle Combrink reveals that Bossaball combines elements of soccer, volleyball, gymnastics and the Afro-Brazilian martial arts form, Capoeira and is played on an inflatable court featuring a trampoline on each side of the net. From a branding perspective, it is also one of the only activities in the world that combines two powerful marketing tools that are synonymous with large crowds, namely music and sport.

Combrink says that as a result; "Bossaball is an extremely powerful platform for those interested in reaching the youth market in South Africa, by ensuring we align audiences' lifestyles to our clients' brands, and continuously inspire and entertain them. Our clients have found that Bossaball is an excellent way to position their brands in the hearts and minds of youthful and open-minded South Africans."

"In addition, it is used to create a cohesive and productive work environment, improve employee communication and work motivation, reduce stress and promote a healthy lifestyle. It is also a great way for employees to socialise and have a good time while doing so."

Looking at the synergies between Bossaball and the 5FM brand, Marketing Manager Natalie Frank explains: "Bossaball embodies the essence of youth culture and entertainment and this platform is a good fit for our youth radio station to build and maintain working relationships. Because the game is fun, it generates enthusiasm and helps to develop 5FM as a 'great place to work'."

The Bossaball playfield can be installed on diverse locations, both in-and-outdoor for example, on a tennis court, a beach, a field or even inside a sports centre, and can be set up to play in less than 45 minutes.

Zinto is the exclusive distributor of Bossaball in South Africa. For more information contact Elly Majola of Zinto on 079 434 5479 or visit:

9 Dec 2014 10:49