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Bossaball - a new platform that combines music and sport

Sport has a unifying factor which brings people of all walks of life together and focuses on commonalities rather than differences. In addition to social cohesion it also promotes wellness in the community.
For this reason, Zinto Sports (a division of Zinto Marketing Group, an established brand activation, entertainment and event company) recently held an experiential event at The Campus in Bryanston, Johannesburg to present Bossaball to the public and demonstrate how the game is played.

Bossaball is a team game that combines technical movements and rules from volleyball, soccer, gymnastics and capoeira (Brazilian dance mixed with fighting movements). It is played on an inflatable court featuring a trampoline on each side of the net and the aim of Bossaball is to score points by grounding the ball on the opponent's court through a combination of volleyball-style spikes, acrobatic boosts and trampoline-assisted kicks.

The change in gravity, combined with the safety provided by the inflatable surface, allows a whole new range of techniques, team tactics and strategies, which give players a new perspective on their favourite games.

Not only is it fun, but with its referee, who also happens to be the DJ, it creates a platform for entertainment. It is one of the only activities in the world that combines two elements that are always present within big crowds: music and sport.

The court can be set up wherever there is enough space, for example, on a tennis court, a beach, a field or even inside a sports centre. The festive environment in which it is played creates the perfect backdrop for a day or night of sporting activity at teambuilding, corporate and family fun day events as well as summer festivals.

Bossaball mesmerises audiences, young and old, and is a spectacular attraction that draws the crowds.

Zinto is the exclusive distributor of Bossaball in South Africa. It is available for hire and can be installed indoors or outdoors within 45 minutes.

For further information visit or contact Elly Majola on 011 553 1000.

16 Jul 2014 14:14