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Brabys bring visual power to online business directory!, already the largest and most popular Southern African online business directory — part of the same group as South Africa's most popular search engine, Ananzi — has further enhanced its usefulness by merging its directory with its other online facility, Brabys Maps.
Brabys Maps will now help South African Internet users to find what they are looking for quicker, and, with less hassle. Find the plumber closest to you, using the map of your area, and with the click of a button get all the contact details you are looking for.

Brabys Maps is a powerful online map tool that provides comprehensive and detailed maps of all regions of South Africa. It has interactive features such as search and zoom capabilities, allowing users to find and view everything from large regions to individual streets. The maps are supplemented with satellite images of the areas, which add geographic realism and visual appeal.

The new and revised site
The new and revised site

A single interactive business sourcing and location tool

Mark Buwalda, Director of AC Brabys, says: “The New directory allows users to not only find a business they are looking for, but also shows its location on a map. The all-in-one platform provides the search intelligence of both the business directory and the map tool in a single, user-friendly interface.”

The view of the integrated map view set on Hybrid Satellite view
The view of the integrated map view set on Hybrid Satellite view

For example, a search for plumbers in Durban will yield a list of plumbers together with a map of where they are in the city. This allows users to quickly and easily identify closest ones. Mala Augustine, Internet manager at AC Brabys, points out another new draw card: “A ‘zoom on map' feature displays an overlay with details on where to find full information - called a ‘Premium' listing. This information provides the full address and information for a particular business.”

Improved company brochure pages

The Brabys website ‘Premium' listing has received a full facelift and now allows an advertiser to profile all facets of its businesses in a brochure-type page. This features logos, and business, product and office location images.

The basic company information and contact pages have also been given facelifts on the Brabys website. Advertisers now get a branded brochure-type landing page with logos and images showcasing their products or services.

Smart features have been added, including a “beep for business” tool that allows a user to immediately send an sms to the business in order to request information, services or support. Other contact information is clearly displayed.

Once again the map tool plays a role here, with users able to see a map of the area where the business is, as well as clear route directions to get there.

26 Sep 2008 12:54



James Water
James Water
Brabys Maps sounds like a particularly useful tool for service providers and customers. It can be difficult to find a good tradesman, including plumbers, at the best of times and even more so in an emergency. This will make it much easier for people looking for services near to them, and mean that tradesmen won’t be wasting time taking calls from people who are out of their area too. We have something similar in my area and it really makes life a lot easier with less calls received that go nowhere.
Posted on 18 Feb 2014 10:15

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