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Ananzi moves forward with Google

Ananzi, South Africa's most popular web search engine, has worked with Google™ to bring local web users an international search service. This will allow Ananzi users to search locally on Ananzi, and the international web using Google, all in one convenient place.
Google search in Ananzi

The collaboration will see Google's international search facilities incorporated into Ananzi's search pages. Ananzi users will have a handy Google tab within the Ananzi interface, giving one-click access to Google-enhanced international search. The Google search results will be displayed right there in the Ananzi pages.

Ananzi managing director, Mark Buwalda, spells out the key benefit of the Google partnership for South African web users: “It's all about ease of use. Ananzi's strength lies in offering premium local content tailored to South African web users' interests, but we also recognise that Ananzi searchers use Google a lot. This collaboration provides the convenience of only having to go to one place for both local and international search. We're bringing the power of Google straight to our users,” he explains.

At the top of its game

Ananzi is far and away the leading search directory dedicated to the country. The latest Netratings Market Intelligence report shows that it has no peer in the local search engine market. It is also one of the most visited South African websites. In fact the only local websites that receive more traffic than Ananzi are the traditionally busy news websites and dedicated email providers.

15 Apr 2008 11:43



So why use ananzi-
Why not go straight to google and use less clicks?
Posted on 16 Apr 2008 12:22
Google search in Ananzi?-
Isn't Ananzi supposed to be a search engine? Surely there are far better places to go for content. The problem with Ananzi is that it has always looked like a Vegas Casino, and their content always seems to be cluttered, like trying to read a newspaper at the bar counter in a pub in London at lunchtime. This is a wrong move, if ever there was one. But perhaps this spells the innevitable pending doom for Ananzi anyway. I'm afraid the writing's on the proverbial wall. Min dae as they say.
Posted on 16 Apr 2008 16:21
Great for a South African search engine-
I think that it is a well done! For Google to approach Ananzi we should be supportive. All you guys are so used to bad mouthing instead of supporting our local stuff. So what is their site looks like "vegas" it obviously works for them. people get value from their advertising. As one of their clients i am happy with my results that i receive and i think that Ananzi have achieved something here.
Posted on 16 Apr 2008 17:23
Are you serious?-
You think it's a good thing when a website looks like a Vegas strip? You think it's a good thing when Google approaches a company? Without being too critical here, I do understand that advertising plays an important part of supplementing the bottom line of main portal businss, and that keyword searches plays a more direct role in targeting, but that's exactly how it should be. Cut back with the ads, make the website more presentable and perhaps you may even attract even more people. Most people that I know would never dream of using Ananzi for local search. You simply fire up and do a ZA search. Seeing as though this is already the case, I think this is merely a formality before shutting the door one last time on Ananzi. A simple lesson to be learned here, if you don't give the audience what they want, they will simply go somewhere else. I don't know to what extent this collaboration extends, but if I were ananzi bosses, I'd do a complete overhaul of the website and perhaps even a brand rebuild. They've always had a great idea, but a very mediocre way of implementing it.
Posted on 17 Apr 2008 17:23

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