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Ananzi introduces desktop news, South Africa's premier search engine and information portal, has added another product to the Ananzi range of services in the form of an automatic desktop news application.
The application allows you to have immediate access to breaking news, without you having to look for it.

It is accessible at any time from your desktop and comes in the form of a visually pleasing widget. It takes seconds to download and automatically updates itself every 15 minutes. Users can click on the Ananzi icon in the taskbar notification area () to open up the application to read the latest headlines. Once you have finished reading it, just minimise the window and it will then continue to run in the background.

The news feed, provided by Moreover, serves real-time news to Ananzi from more than 300 South African sources. As the headlines come in, the widget pops up, keeping the user up-to-date with the latest trends and breaking stories from all over the world. Users can also access the same newsfeed by using the News search ton the Ananzi search bar.

Ananzi introduces desktop news

"The desktop news application empowers users to always be up-to-date with the latest headlines without lifting a finger. This means users will no longer have to search through numerous resources, but will have the latest news articles on their desktop within minutes of being published," comments Ananzi Divisional Director of Operations, Naomi Delport.

Download the new application now!

14 Mar 2007 16:53




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