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Ananzi Mail changes service providers

For almost two decades, Ananzi has established itself as a dynamic and formidable brand that continues to offer a variety of online products and services.
Ananzi Mail changes service providers
After almost 15 years of providing an email service, known as Ananzi Mail, the decision to have Ananzi Mail moved in its entirety to Cloud Africa effective 1 February 2015 was taken and implemented. While all other products and services offered by Ananzi and their parent company Brabys remain unaffected, Cloud Africa will provide the Ananzi Mail service and support users may require.

At the beginning of January 2015, all existing Ananzi Mail users were notified that Ananzi would no longer be providing the email service as a result of the change in service provider. Existing users were asked to respond to the notification should they wish to continue using their Ananzi Mail email address. Users who did respond had their email account migrated to Cloud Africa from 1 February 2015.

While Ananzi is no longer responsible for email queries or support, the familiar online interface available at remains for existing users. Unfortunately no telephonic support is currently available, however email support issues may be communicated via email to where queries will be resolved between 24 and 48 business hours.

Ananzi has had great pleasure in offering the email service for more than a decade and looks forward to continuing offering tremendous online products.

6 May 2015 09:47




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