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Mango: Ananzi searches more than just fruit

Since the official launch of Mango Airlines on the 1st of November 2006, the word "mango" has become one of South Africa's top searched keywords on, SA's premier search engine and information portal.
Mango Airlines is a low cost extension of South African Airways and the popularity of the keyword, which was previously used for searches based on the fruit, was extracted from a statistical report by the search engine.

Online marketing company Acceleration have partnered with the airline to flight online interactive advertisements on Since the launch of the online campaign, the keyword "mango" and derivatives thereof yielded 1,942 searches in total last month. The keyword "mango" produced 692 searches and "mango airlines" produced 486 searches within the month of November alone.

Commenting on behalf of, Managing Director Mark Buwalda comments, "It's amazing how a new brand with such a catchy name creates such a positive reaction with the online community."

Keyword searches for "mango" and the like have skyrocketed since the beginning on November, making one of the most sought after websites in South Africa. Many online flight booking sites have already created links that redirect the user to, in order to attract clients to their sites, thereby making full use of search engine optimisation (SEO).

The keyword "mango" averages 65 searches per day by users, and this is expected to increase as visitors search for cost-effective flights to their holiday destinations.

29 Nov 2006 17:48



well my comment is not related to this article but i thought it needs to be said anyway. i was at the airport trying to book a flight to DBN and I must say i have never seen such chaos in my life. it took about 30mins for the guy to help me because he was busy chatting with his colleagues all the time. The image of the whole mango thing is "cheap" ...even their service.
Posted on 8 Jan 2007 14:47

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