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YFM announces new DJ line-up

With the dawn of a new era, comes the introduction of a new revolution for YFM. Amidst much anticipation and excitement the youth radio station has announced its hot new line up. True to the station's breakthrough attitude the new line up will not only entertain but will inspire the hearts and minds of its listeners.

"YFM has been a phenomenal and groundbreaking urban radio station making history, leading edge, setting trends, laying new rules on creative expressivities and launching the country's most popular and often-imitated DJ icons," said Bondo Ntuli, YFM's Programme Manager. "We have engaged with our audiences and have also conducted rigorous research. From this we believe that we have put together a dynamic new on-air new team and sound that will resonate with our listeners."

The new line up will feature well-established DJ's and in true YFM tradition the hottest new DJ talent.

The ever-popular 06h00 - 09h00 breakfast slot will now be presented by the vibey and energetic Pabi Moloi with co-presenters MacFarlane and Thato. The 15h00 - 18h00 afternoon drive will be in the capable hands of 'seasoned' Chilli M.

The new primetime slots will be complemented by familiar voices in new spaces; youth icons Unathi and Rudeboy Paul will now present their own shows between 09h00 - 12h00 and 12h00 - 15h00, respectively. The effervescent AK and eclectic Lee will team up and host the 18h00 - 21h00 slot. Lady Cleo will keep listeners company in the later evening slot. Household names Oskido, Nutty Nys, Dre, Shabba and Adil will continue to rock the weekends.

Young new voices that are also set to tantalise audiences include; funky Moeti, sexy "bold and beautiful" Phuti and Bridget, "all true man" Amon, sexy comic Trevor, soulful Khwezi, the spunky Mpho and party man Tumi.

YFM was the first to present the offbeat, trendy and diverse musical possibility in the country. Through this it has established itself as a radio station that truly represents the spirit and energy of the young and young at heart.

From its inception YFM has provided the soundtrack to the post-democracy youth in South Africa, mirroring experiences that range from street kasi style - to the new bling generation.

"It's been an incredible journey and we thought long and hard about retaining the sincerity and integrity that is the essence of YFM," said Bondo Ntuli. "But also about capturing the imagination of today's youth in the same celebrative way that we did at the genesis moment on the station. There is an existing YFM generation and an upcoming YFM generation and we have every intention to connect and inspire with what we do best."

YFM represents dynamic members of our new youth generation and it's sexy, blazing hot and coming your way!

New Schedules

Monday - Thursday

00h00 - 03h00: Moeti
03h00 - 06h00: Bridget

06h00 - 09h00: Pabi, Thato, MacFarlane

09h00 - 12h00: Unathi
12h00 - 15h00: Rudeboy Paul

15h00 - 18h00: Chilli M

18h00 - 21h00: AK and Lee
21h00 - 24h00: Cleo


21h00 - 22h00: Nutty Nys
22h00 - 24h00: Tumi


00h00 - 03h00: Thabi
03h00 - 06h00: Trevor
06h00 - 09h00: Phuti

09h00 - 12h00: Adil

12h00 - 15h00: Dre
15h00 - 18h00: Shabba
18h00 - 21h00: Oscar
21h00 - 24h00: Tumi


00h00 - 03h00: Thabi
03h00 - 06h00: Trevor
06h00 - 09h00: Phuti

09h00 - 12h00: Adil

12h00 - 15h00: Mpho
15h00 - 18h00: Amon
18h00 - 21h00: Kwezi
21h00 - 24h00: Cleo

YFM DJ Profiles

Rudeboy Paul

Born Mvulane Mnisi in Katlehong on the East Rand, Rude Boy Paul is one of YFM's hottest properties and has been with the station since inception in 1997. Rudeboy resonates with energy, fun, and a positive consciousness. The talented poet was the editor of the award winning afro-chic Y Mag for two years and handed over to fellow YFM DJ and co-host of Harambe Leslie "Lee" Kasumba when editorship rotated in 2004.

Rudeboy Paul has established himself as a sought after promoter of events with a strong cultural twist with run by his company, Rudeboy Paul Productions.


Born and bred in Johannesburg is Pabi Moloi who will be co-hosting the "Y-d Awake Breakfast show" with Macfarlane and Thato. Pabi shares her sentiments about radio being a personal and expressive medium and as good as a best friend.

Breaking boundaries, making new rules and being happy and fulfilled are Pabi's definitions of success. Her most important thing is looking after herself, because she believes that will determine what she will give to the people around her.


Shonisani 'Shabba' Muleya was born February 13, 1975 in Makwarela, Venda, Northern Province. He acquired the name Shabba after he sported the same haircut as Ragga artist, Shabba Ranks.

Shabba takes centre stage on the weekend, with his 'AshifaShabba on Saturdays. Shabba's show is all about hit music and as a very popular comedian he brings a healthy dose of humour to his show.

Ashifashabba productions, Shabba's production company has to-date released Shabba's comedy CD's and The Kwaito Invasion mixed by DJ Jerry.


Unathi Nkayi had a dream entry into broadcasting. In Johannesburg for a prolonged period of time for the first time, looking for a job after graduating from Rhodes University, she beat hundreds of hopefuls to the post and landed her first TV presenting job with Castle Loud in 2001.

After shining as a fill in presenter for a DJ who was away, Unathi scored her own show.

Unathi is a mother, a talented DJ and is an established and acclaimed recording artist.


Vukani "ChilliM" Masinga returns to YFM after 6 years with broad knowledge of the industry, filled with experience and renewed energy to make sure afternoon drive is blazing hot.


Thato was born in 1979 at Baragwanath Hospital. He spent most of his childhood on the streets of Meadowlands, Orlando & Diepkloof where he gained the valuable street smarts that come in handy in many situations life throws at us.

Thato's plans for the future are to 'take over the world by any means necessary and may you listen to his voice until you don't have a choice. GP's masses know that this youngster means what he says.


Born in Welkom in the Free State is 25-year-old Macfarlane Moleli. He will be co-hosting the "Y-d Awake Breakfast show" with Pabi Moloi and Thato. Macfarlane has always been a very talkative person; he finds radio the perfect place to express himself. He emphasizes that YFM is an exciting radio station and stands for something that he strongly believes in and that is the youth!

To Macfarlane success means being totally happy with himself, his surroundings, and being able to give himself to society. Family means a lot to him as well as those who are dear to him.


Azaria Khehla 'AK' Tshabalala was born in Pretoria in 1976. He went to various schools in Pretoria and the North West area and attended the then Technikon Northern Transvaal (TNT- Now Technikon Northern Gauteng) in 1995 after Matriculating. TNT was the catalyst for what would be a successful radio career for Tshabalala. During his tenure at the institution, he held various positions at Radio TNT and in 1997, when YFM was launched, Tshabalala was part of the new line-up.

There is never a dull moment when AK is all over your radio.


Adil More was born in Soweto and educated in Mmabatho in the North West Province. It was in Mmabatho where his love for music overwhelmed him. After High School, he trained with the Bophuthatswana Broadcasting Corporation and landed an on air slot on Radio Bop. When YFM came into being in 1997, More was excited about this young, vibrant station and through hard work joined the family at the beginning of 1999.

Things have changed and he has progressed with the times. More's knack for communicating with his audience in a casual, yet informative manner and clever links, have secured him a loyal audience.


Dreshni 'Dre' Pillay joined YFM in 2001. She came to the station with a wealth of broadcasting experience behind her. With two diploma's from Boston Media House - cost and Management & media studies, Dre's future in broadcasting was set.

When the opportunity beckoned for her at YFM 99.2, she grasped it with both arms and was the much loved co-host and producer of DK@Y (9-1pm weekdays) a mid morning show she co - hosted with the late Fana 'Khabzela' Khaba. Khabzela died from an Aids-related disease in January 2004.

Dre plays funky sounds that will just make you wanna get up and dance... Dre's show has entertainment information that you need to have and options for your lifestyle.

Dre got married in May 2005 and is also the recipient of the Best Female Dj in the Kellogg's Star in You Awards in association with Rand Water.


By the late 80's Oscar Mdlongwa's hands were full of meat rather than music because he was running a Boerewors stand outside famed Hillbrow nightclub Razzmatazz. At around 4am he'd go in and get down to some house sounds.

In 1997, when YFM 99.2 was launched, Oskido was part of this dynamic group of people who would go on to create radio history. He is still with the station, hosting the popular Saturday evening dance music slot, Oskido's Church. Oskido's contribution on air has inspired many up and coming DJs and musicians and more and more listeners are glued to their radios, awaiting blessings from the almighty Oskido.

Listeners of Church Grooves can expect to hear new house beats, classic house and anything Oskido considers as 'rocking".

Oskido has acclaimed CD's under his belt under the name "Oskido's Church Grooves" and is also a member of the duo- BOP (Brothers of Peace) with Bruce Sebitlo.

This larger than life personality has been described as the Godfather or originator of Kwaito and is regularly asked to comment on issues around Music and Youth Culture.


On Cleo's show listeners will hear positive sounds of music that talks to the soul. She engages you in thought provoking topics to make sure you keep it locked to GP's blazing slow jams.

Mo (Moeti)

21-year-old Moeti Tsiki was born and bred in Dube, Soweto. Mo joined the airwaves because he believes radio is a powerful medium, which everyone can listen to. He emphasizes that radio can be used in a positive way to better the lives of the listeners.

He believes success is not about money; it's about being fulfilled in every aspect of one's life, which reflects a balanced life. Family and friends are the most important things in Mo's life! Join Mo for GP's Hottest Midnight Session.


This multi-talented 22-year-old hails from Johannesburg. Trevor Noah is very passionate about making a mark in the entertainment industry; he describes himself as a DJ, television presenter, actor and comedian. He recently took part in the "Blacks Only Comedy Show". Stand up comedy is one of his fortes.

He would like to be recognized in the entertainment industry and make a contribution in other people's lives. All of his relationships in general whether be family, friends or business acquaintances mean a lot to him. Saturday and Sunday mornings will never be the same again with "Noah's Ark".


From Ga-Rankuwa in the North West Amon Mokoena serenading the YFM listeners with his show. Amon has always dreamt of being on radio; inspired by his father Nick Thabo Mokwena, who was a DJ for Tswana radio station. His father would take him to the studio to acquaint him with the technical aspect of DJ-ing.

Amon is proud to be associated with one of the best urban radio stations and has big plans for radio and will extend his passion for radio and music into other endeavours. His family and happiness are the most important things in his life.


Born in Lesotho is 29-year-old Tumisang Mochekele. Tumi is driven by challenges and that's one of the reasons he has chosen to be part of YFM. He explains that YFM keeps on coming up with innovative ideas to make radio exciting and interesting! Tumi's other passion is flying; he is currently training to acquire his pilot license.

He believes success is endless - it's waking up each day and becoming a different person to who you were yesterday and helping others succeed. His relationship with His Creator and his health are the most important thing in his life.


25-year-old Khwezi Magwaza was born and bred in Pietermaritzburg. Khwezi believes in grabbing all opportunities that come her way and that is how she ended up in radio. She studied journalism and that's where her passion for media emanates.

She feels privileged to be doing something that she loves and at the same time getting paid for it! Her definition of success is to reach the pinnacle of her career, to be respected for what she does and make a good living. Friends, family and being happy are what puts a smile on her face! Tune in for "The Global Soul with Kwezi".


24-year-old Mpeo Thabi Makape was born in Lesotho. She has chosen radio because she feels it's a non-judgmental medium, she likes the fact that people can listen to you without seeing what you look like. She enjoys sharing her opinions with other people.

Thabi's definition of success is being happy with yourself and what you have achieved. She would like to be one of the prominent female DJs in the radio industry, travel more, and own a company. Her son is the most important person in her life! Tune in for "Maverick Lounge with Thabi"


25-year-old Bridget Masinga was born and bred in Durban. She is well known for her flourishing modelling career and was also one of the runner-ups for Miss SA 2002/3. Her passion for radio grew a while after she took part in the Miss SA pageant and was exposed to the media environment. Following this experience she was motivated to pursue a career in radio.

Bridget explains that success is relative. It is measured by how happy you are at any given time. At the end of the day 'it's the laughter we shall remember whenever we remember the way we were'. Her family and their happiness is what are important to her.


21-year-old Phuthi Khomo is from Pretoria and multi-talented. Phuthi comes from a modelling background; she was crowned Miss SA Teen and she is one of the actresses in Egoli. Phuthi chose radio to fulfil her longing to broaden her wings and discover her other talents in the entertainment industry.

Phuthi explains that success shouldn't be measured according to other people's success. She defines success as the fulfilment of knowing that you've given your 100% best into something. She values family and the Creator who has given her all the blessings she has.

3 Apr 2006 09:47


My ratings on new lineup...-
* Pabi, Thato, MacFarlane = 0/10 (too load and no substance) * Unathi = 5/10 (would do better with a side-kick) * Rudeboy Paul & Sanza = 8/10 (Rasta combination with purpose) * Chille M & Lebo = 9/10 (innovative features, great show) * AK and Lee = 8/10 (Lee always make sense) * Cleo = 0/10 (disaster, would have slotted Amon he sounds just like Bondo)
Posted on 4 Apr 2006 13:22
new breakfast show team-
thato and mcfarlen, i understand and like. but pabi just spoils it for me..
Posted on 4 Apr 2006 14:12
the new breakfast show -
Hello It was my first time listening to your show this morning. Your style is different from that of Fresh which is great because we don’t want you to be something you are not. Pabi girl, i listened to you on Metro and you rocked then and you will rock now. People just need to accept you for you and in time they will and love your style. Put your head up (like you always do) and do what you are good at. P.s. please look into more current issues that we (woman) are faced with especially in the workplace
Posted on 4 Apr 2006 14:22
Model C fm-
I must express disappointment at the direction Y seems to be heading, what ever happened to the Proudly Kasi Y yabo Oscar and the likes. The way this line-up is looking from where I'm sitting, is that Y's criteria for its new DJs consisted of aspiring Queen Victorias (those who'll never do darkies the 'embarrassment' of mispronouncing english words)and the Yo-yo wannabes. Nice one Guys, you might as well loose the Yona ke Yona, the way things are looking and souding, Y Asiyona anymore.
Posted on 4 Apr 2006 14:33
Pabi's uniquely different & will never be Fresh-
pabi i think the show will find its strength eventually, i am so glad its something different. Thato i really dont feel there is anything that comes through from him...when fresh was the he was just a tag-along. i think the direction is fresh, i love that nathi is back on her own. and for Sunday. Mpho must get more content, Producer needs to plan for the show. her selection of music rocks, but the show lacks content, and a flow...its almost as if she's scared. but i am really positive and finally morning that will inspire instead of feeling like i am at some boys club where its all about jokes, arrogance and nothing of value. PABI - show them girl and get the Audience reach. Vee
Posted on 4 Apr 2006 15:07
Y is boring-
I have to agree, the morning show is so so loud with no substance & the contents are just boring, Pabi is all over the place making noise, Thato sounds bored as hell, he was great with Fresh, but with two new co-hosts he is over clowded,and only God where Y found that "Mcfallen" dude, he gasta go, but I have to say, the show sounds much better without having Mpho making that stupid stupid laugh
Posted on 4 Apr 2006 16:23
Switching to 5FM-
For YFM to put us through that irritating Pabi girl's voice 1st thing in the morning is a real slap in the face!!! They should have let Thato anchor the show and get him a side-kick (definitely not McFarlene)!!
Posted on 4 Apr 2006 16:36
Future Focused Young Person
YFM is heading where the URBAN youth is at-
I love the way YFM is sounding... I was there when it started and at some point the station got too boring and complacent... I love the fact that the DJ's mirror my life whether people call it Model C or not and the fact that they are comfortable in theii on skins and can still touch base with Kasie... You dont have to be stuck in a Ghetto mindset... How inspiring can that be for anyone especially people ko Kasie? All I can say is that it is sounding like a youth station... Which is something that I have been waiting for, for a long time... BIG UP YFM...
Posted on 4 Apr 2006 17:23
lets move along with the times-
hell im liking the way Y is sounding, couldnt be better!!! lets get rid of that ghetto mentality and move on with the times!! the reason why people move out of the ghetto once they start working is the same reason why Y should grow with its listeners.thats my story and im sticking to it!!!!
Posted on 4 Apr 2006 18:30
Breakfast show-
I love Pabi with all my heart but something just doesn't gel with her and Thato!
Posted on 5 Apr 2006 09:54
I've moved-
And I don't think I'll be the only one. I'd be open minded if it wasn't for the fact that I know the 'key' jocks already. Chilli and Pabi are like sound coming from a Hi Ace pumping music through an amp. You wanna close the window and accelerate past. Only positive thing about Chilli is that he'll move on within months. He never sticks around. Splitting Rudeboy from Unathi is like spreading one slice's worth of jam on three! Good luck to Bondo!
Posted on 5 Apr 2006 10:05
Mpumelelo (Lelo) Mzaca
"...there is a lot of beef behind the scenes and some of us can pick it up."-
Y has been over hauled and it was about time. First of all one cannot claim that it’s a youth radio station when the majority of the DJs are in their mid 30’s (yes, age is nothing but a number but if your philosophy in life is “it’s not how old you are but how old you feel” then you know you you are one foot in the grave. The problem about having oldies as DJs for the youth is that they tend to talk down to their young listeners. Changing the DJ’s at Y was a wise thing to do but I do have some reservations. The Breakfast Show sounds so “put on” and cluttered, there is a lot of beef behind the scenes and some of us can pick it up. The only thing I enjoy about it is the music. Period. I think I can understand why Pabi is on Y. It must be that whole new generation revolution thing. She is there because Y might want to lure those kids who worshiped her on K-TV. That’s all well and good but what about us the existing listeners? Aren’t we relevant anymore? Pabi has the on-air experience but truth be told she does not identify with the majority of Y listeners. “Yona ke Yona, Ke Makoya” ask her to say that and she’ll probably reply by saying “That’s too much of a tongue-twister, dall”. There is talent @ Y. Chilli M is different compared to Sbu but he is holding it down. Kwezi I dig your voice. To the rest of the new Y crew – This new revolution is not about you, it’s about the people (and advertisers) it intends to serve. Yona ke Yona! Mpumelelo Mzaca
Posted on 5 Apr 2006 13:42
Mpumelelo Lelo Mzaca
Yona "haesale" Yona (It's not what it used to be). Do you agree?-
Y has been over hauled and it was about time. First of all one cannot claim that its a youth radio station when the majority of the DJs are in their mid 30s (yes, age is nothing but a number but if your philosophy in life is its not how old you are but how old you feel then you know you you are one foot in the grave. The problem about having oldies as DJs for the youth is that they tend to talk down to their young listeners. Changing the DJs at Y was a wise thing to do but I do have some reservations. The Breakfast Show sounds so put on and cluttered, there is a lot of beef behind the scenes and some of us can pick it up. The only thing I enjoy about it is the music. Period. I think I can understand why Pabi is on Y. It must be that whole new generation revolution thing. She is there because Y might want to lure those kids who worshiped her on K-TV. Thats all well and good but what about us the existing listeners? Arent we relevant anymore? Pabi has the on-air experience but truth be told she does not identify with the majority of Y listeners. Yona ke Yona, Ke Makoya ask her to say that and shell probably reply by saying Thats too much of a tongue-twister, dall. There is talent @ Y. Chilli M is different compared to Sbu but he is holding it down. Kwezi I dig your voice. To the rest of the new Y crew This new revolution is not about you, its about the people (and advertisers) it intends to serve. Yona ke Yona!
Posted on 5 Apr 2006 13:47
Re:lets move along with the times-
What is ghetto mentality? Can anyone explain it to me? Isn't it the very foundation that Y was built upon? If you think back, the most loved (and successful) Yfm DJ's were the ones whose roots were skewed mainly to the so called ghetto...think Khabzela, S'bu and to a certain extend, Thato & Thato. I love Y and wish them well with their new look.But they shouldn't forget why they came into being in the first place.....And believe me, I won't be listening to Pabi anytime soon.
Posted on 5 Apr 2006 16:12
da peeeple-
i have known y since the beginning. with everything the only thing that is unchanging is the fact of change itself. so with y. y's soul - whatever the changes - was always fundamentally inclined towards the "ghetto" = ie: the people. if it fundamentally becomes inclined towards only a layer of the people - whoever they are - instead of the mass of Jozi's people, then it will lose its soul and become just another radio station. the jury is still out....all da best to the new ones on the block in getting it right for us.
Posted on 6 Apr 2006 19:13
YFM is going down-
It's amazing how they have pushed in people who are not passionate about radio, they are placed there becos they entered Miss South Africa? Change is always good, actually YFM needed change, but not changing for the worse. I was shocked to realise that YFM does not audition "prospective" DJs, so they can hear their voices. In radio there's a term called "A puking voice". The likes of Pabi, Bridget, Phuti, Mpho, MacFarlane, Thabi are perfect examples of puking voices. Then there's the monotonous "lazy voice" of Unathi and Cleo who should be employed at a creche to put babies to sleep.
Posted on 7 Apr 2006 07:35
All I have 2 say is that after 8 years of operation, YFM is not making progress. It seems YFM is going 2 b in GP forever. It's good that YFM keeps up their crap because soon, very soon, radio stations like Jozi FM will taking over. I don't listen to YFM anymore, I love myself too much to torture my ears.
Posted on 7 Apr 2006 07:39
Don't listen to YFM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
We should stop listening to this rubbish radio station. Well, I have & I suggest everyone should do the same. YFM sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are forcing rubbish down our ears. There's no point in complaining because the rubbish we listen to won't go away. Bondo will tell us that we will learn to accept it. We've got choice & I will not accept &%$#!. Metro FM and 5 FM are rocking, I can't wait for Fresh & BBT 2 b on air. We love change but change doesn't mean giving us rubbish service, cos we'll go back to the oldies. Phansi nge YFM, Phansi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on 7 Apr 2006 07:46
Beyond boredom!!!-
This is soooo disappointing and just when i was really starting to enjoy it. As for the morning drive Thato is relly trying to pull it through but he can't do it on his own and those 2 snobs. Thato my suggestion to you is to move...before it's toooo late!PLEASE!!! Let thme go down on their own, not with you my man, cause I still dig you!!!
Posted on 7 Apr 2006 15:18
the revolution is here baby!!!-
i must say what a relief!! Y hasn't sounded this good since 2000.everything is all good, haven't had the time to listen to breakfast cause im working at that time but i must say 9am -9pm is rocking!! unathi is sounding god on her own, rudeboy has never disappointed, chilli and dineo my god!!! the energy is awesome,Lee brings a whole lot of substance to AK's show which has never really had any content besides music.Cleo and Bridget are the only disappointments to the weekday line up but then its still cool cause i dont listen to them in any case. big ups to bondo, his hardwork has finally payed off and i hope the critics will eventually get with the programme. looking forward to many more years as a Y listener. on a more serious note: im a bit concerned by DJs such as Phuthi, surely Nutty Nyce deserves weekend breakfast compared to the 1hour he is getting currently and whatever happened to that girl called queenie, she used to rock sunday afternoons man!! maybe give amon the 9-12pm slot instead of cleo.
Posted on 7 Apr 2006 20:22
The Revolution is misunderstood-
I think macfarlane has the makings of a black Mark Gillman. and the whole of jozi will get addicted. There most definetly needs to be a lot more co-ordination between the three. but with time it will all gel beautifully,patience,patience: rome was not built in a day. As for Chilli M's show- I think it really is very refreshing,keep it up! What would be really interesting is when Fresh goes to 5.I wonder what would happen then?
Posted on 8 Apr 2006 21:29
macfarlane is no mark gillman & should not want to be-
if what you say is true, the revolution is about marfarlane and maybe others aspiring to be "another" mark gilman or other 5ers? maybe mark gillman can be like macfarlane actually. sounds like a bad strategy for a station that has/had a leading strategy.
Posted on 9 Apr 2006 15:48
YFM announces new DJ line-up-
Whats the big fuss-every body will eventually end up enjoying the new line-up.
Posted on 9 Apr 2006 17:53
Revolution is a BIG BORE-
This revolution nonsense is not felt. Since last week, how many people have stopped listening 2 YFM? It has become a BIG BORE! All the energy is oh, so tedious. Azania can finally smile cos her listenership has gone up, thanx to the torture we got from YFM and Glen Lewis knew from the on set that he was gonna have a ball come April. YFM sucks - I stopped listening to YFM last week, I suggest we all do the same.
Posted on 10 Apr 2006 07:00
Yfm - A Fake Radio Station-
i agree with u, why should u imitate other djs? listen to pabi, who or what is she trying to be? while everyone was critising, i said we should give the revolution a chance. well, they were right because it felt like i was a child being fed her worse vegetable. i guess i'm joining the crew - NO MORE YFM FOR ME
Posted on 10 Apr 2006 07:05
U'll enjoy the line-up alone-
Dude, u can b happy for yoself cos u'll b the only yfm listener left then u can enjoy it, all by your lonely self... how pathetic. soon, no-one will b talking yfm... u'll b talking to yoself.
Posted on 10 Apr 2006 07:09
The listeners and advertisers of Y will tell if they understood the revolution of Y-
time will tell with RAMS
Posted on 10 Apr 2006 07:44
Old timers shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
funny that loudmouth like this wrote yfm off when it came to the scene with all the 'never-seen-before-names' in 1997. guys lets just wait and see...if revolutions doesn't appeal to you then you definitely not the target market anymore...maybe you need to accept you getting too old folks. i just think yfm strategy is in line with whats happening in the country...18 year olds wanna slang just like Pabi, Mcfarlane, Chilli M... all have white buddies and they chat about Eminem, 50 and surprisingly Robbie Williams, Avril Lavigne. you cant expect to have a narrow view - only Mandoza! these kids are globally in their outlook! cho!
Posted on 10 Apr 2006 09:46
Breakfast Team: Boring Unathi: Needs some more Vava Voom Rude Boy & Sanza: All i gotta say is" MORE FIRE" Chilli M & Dineo: They blend well together Ak & Lee: Thanks Lee for rescuing AK's show Cleo: deserves a graveyard shift
Posted on 10 Apr 2006 12:56
come on guys give Y a break.lets be honest now Y has never sounded this good in a long time.if only phuthi, cleo and bridget were not part of this revolution.those chicks are a great bore.why not reward djs who have been doing well with good slots like nutty nyce, dre etc.chilli is the new star of the line up.rudeboy has never sounded better bru!! AK and LEE gel well together.give AMON late nites please!!!
Posted on 10 Apr 2006 18:37
I think Pabi is vibrant but I honestly believe she's not gelling well with Thato and MacFarlane. Thato sounds like he's trying too hard to fit in and he is irritatingly roude. MacFarlane ... the guy reminds me of the other white dude from Kaya FM.. Pabi needs someone who will flow with her properly to make the show sound really good and someone who will bring more content to the show. Otherwise Y still rocks!
Posted on 10 Apr 2006 19:33
Muzi Manage
We are the young generation. 24 years to be precise. We are labelled as coconuts and attended white schools. We didn't make that choice, but now we can make our own choices. Pabi & Mac, r just an irritation on the ears & their voices alone are a NO! NO! Then the accent is a HEEEELLLL NO! If I wanna listen to white people I'll do exactly that, I tune into 5 or Highveld. YFM got so much support in the beginning becos it was unique, it trully represented the youth, it had a bit of everything. Fat Joe was yo typical "snob" and Khabzela bringing Kasi to the people. YFM used to be the only station that made young people proud of being "Black". The message that Y is conveying now is that we should become "White". Well, that will never happen. Even if Pabi can wear her Blonde wigs & talk like her tongue was stung by a bee, she will always be BLACK. I stay in the Northen Surburbs, have been there since I was 3, attended Catholic Private Schools, have been surrounded by "White" people all my life. When I first went to "Kasi" Soweto, I fell in love with how people spoke Tsotsi & Vernacular & that's what makes us proudly South African. Black people have gone to school, we speak better English than most whites, we are educated, so what more do we have to prove. The upcoming generation will not even be able 2 utter a word in Vernacular, thanx to stations like YFM. What about those people who did not get the priviledge to go to Private schools? Should we blame them for not speaking like sirens? Are we as Blacks putting each other down because of our social status? Not to brag or anything, I'm specifically sick & tired of Black people trying to be White and adopting White people's styles. I've been in the surburbs longer than these "BEEs" can think & now they think they are better. Bull! Why should we always make Black people inferior, like we have a point to prove? Why can't we be happy with who we are? I'm not hating on white people because they are like family to me, but they are not me. I admire white people especially Afrikaaners, they've always been proud of their language & they even forced me to speak it because they said they were Afrikaaners by birth & nothing will change that, but they are not ignorant because they also speak English and other African languages. We should stop trying to be something we are not, these White people we are always trying to impress love us the way we are, they want to learn our languages, our culture, so we have every reason to be proud. YFM is sounding like Highveld and 5, so give me a reason why we should have three radio stations that sound exactly alike? YFM has lost it's originality & when you switch stations you should be able to know it's Y without having to hear the promos & jingles. I regret to be the party pooper, but YFM gets thumbs down from me. I can't listen to it anymore. Owning and running one of the biggest and most successful companies in Gauteng, I had planned to do business with YFM, but thanx to the revolution, I'll take my business else where.
Posted on 11 Apr 2006 07:32
You're right, Pabi needs someone who will flow with her properly. And that person is Unathi. So I say, let them co host the 9am to 12 noon slot.....hell, at least I won't be able to listen to them, I'll be at work (Yipee!!!!).
Posted on 11 Apr 2006 10:57
yes yfm is BULL CRAP-
I agree 150% with u my boet. Who are we impressing cos I've never heard a white caller on Yfm, so WHO ARE WE IMPRESSING????????????
Posted on 11 Apr 2006 12:52
Posted on 11 Apr 2006 12:55
Posted on 11 Apr 2006 13:00
Waaaaaaaaaaat??? U must one of the boring Djs to say somthing like dat. YFM revolution is BAD! VERY BAD!
Posted on 11 Apr 2006 13:01
The only break we'll give them is to leave radio-
If they bounce from YFM, well give them a break.
Posted on 11 Apr 2006 13:03
I'm so so disappointed.-
Yfm has lost its touch.
Posted on 11 Apr 2006 13:57
Ali Shaheed
YFM on
Please guys, I'm trying to fill up the section on South African media on wikipedia, could you help me with some info. Just go to to write the article about YFM and it's history. We can then go on to other radio and tv stations. I've already written and edited a small article about etv. Peace out!!
Posted on 11 Apr 2006 15:19
gift hlahane
change is good-
is just that people dont want change in their lives that is why most of them dont succede i mean did they wany fresh to broadcast form a couch or badboy to breakup with unathi on air or sbu to buy yfm i think the revolution has not began wet you guys should keep on on rocking
Posted on 11 Apr 2006 15:47
Yfm change not good at all-
considering the years yfm has been operating, it was due to make sum changes. well the whole revamp of yfm was an even better idea. now here comes the problem, when you have set high standards on a product you must only become better, but yfm went from better to "the worst". freshes breakfast show was very unrestricted, very energetic and very exciting. so, fresh set very high standards and the people taking over where supposed to take it from there and even go higher, but in this case they took the standards and smashed them. day one and day two can be a bit unorganised, but after the first week we should have a direction of the show. I tortured myself on day one, day two I changed to Aza, day three I tried and it was becoming worse so I listened to Wide Awake, didn't even bother on Thursday and Friday I made my mind up. If yfm wants 2 screw with our time, screw them. I'm gonna start a new radio station and I know it will be better than yfm, cos l8ly every radio station sounds 100 times better than y. so Muzi my man, how about you invest in my concept. Who wants to join me...
Posted on 12 Apr 2006 08:42
YFM IS BULL CRAP - let's strike!-
I declare a national year of "NO YFM". If we all stop listening to YFM, they will have to listen to us and make the shows worthwhile. The other option is to go toyi! toyi! So, toyi toyi or "NO YFM"???
Posted on 12 Apr 2006 08:49
Strike is on - NO YFM 4 THE YEAR!!!-
Agreed. Check out Aza on Metro FM in the morning, the show is quite good, definitely better than Pabi and the slaves. Appearantly she's the first lady of Yfm earning the most salary for that wining voice... It should be changed 2 PFM for (Pabi) FM, she's getting all the attention. It's actually a good thing bacause when YFM goes down, they'll know exactly who 2 blame.
Posted on 12 Apr 2006 09:05
"NO to YFM" "NO to YFM" "NO to YFM"-
I'll support you. "No" to YFM "No"!!! "No" to YFM "No"!!!
Posted on 12 Apr 2006 12:13
Phansi Nge YFM!!! Phansi Nge YFM!!!!!!!!-
My friend, u got the lady's vote. I also say NO 2 Yfm. Phansi Nge YFM phansi... phansi!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on 12 Apr 2006 12:16
Welcome back Chilli-
Retro sorry...Metro must be kicking itself for letting Chilli M go.The man is smooooooooking.Great move Bondo.Chilli is the BEST thing to happen in this line-up.Burn 'em up Chilli !!!!Im stilll looking forward to see what Pabi has to offer on that Breakfast.Oh! NO offence what does Phuti have for us? Ah! NO!
Posted on 13 Apr 2006 09:56
Not good-
I hope bondo read all this massages cause gauteng is very dissapointed. sadly we don't have vabrant station anymore.. maybe 5fm will do
Posted on 14 Apr 2006 10:41
5FM Rocks!!!!!!!!!-
U should really check 5FM out. It's sizzling HOTT. Your mornings start off with Mark who fuses RnB, hip-hop, house and pop. After Fresh left Y, I thought it was the end of me and radio, but 5fm in the morning is ROCKING!!! Oh, on Sundays 7pm, make sure u don't miss the house jams - I'm talking the latest house mixes. 5FM has definitely taken that old Yfm flavour and they have made it theirs. You should listen to 5, it's more black, more music and "THE REVOLUTION" is working for 5. YFM on the other hand, will remain a community radio station. BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Posted on 18 Apr 2006 06:42
Bondo is losing it-
Everyone is complaining. Every show on Y sucks, the weekend shows are even worse. If u r trying to be like 5fm or Metro, at the rate u r going, Jozi FM will have more listeners than Yfm. People have moved to 5fm, Metro and Highveld and it seems the BIG BLACK doesn't care. Too busy smoking the chimney....
Posted on 18 Apr 2006 06:47
What's the purpose of YFM? What is their aim? Who's their target market? I strongly feel YFM should be taken off-air. Their licence must be suspended. It's not a radio station anymore, it's more like a Zoo, all the rubbish was thrown there. When Bondo came up with the Revolution nonsense did he plan to take YFM down? Cos he's doing exactly that. Really, YFM should close before suffering the humiliation of being suspended. Even the biggest fans of YFM have washed their hands. YFM sucks
Posted on 18 Apr 2006 06:51
y, y, y?-
The line up is...hhhmm, how do i put this nicely? Could do better. Pabi is ok, guys lets give her a chance. As for that old timer Chilli M...why, why, y? It beats me why Bondo could appoint such an airhead. Bridgett.....air head! and has a lot of potential! I dig, I dig! Thato should've been given his own show....give the brother some credit. As for Unathi....what a yawn! The Rastas are a perfect pair...nice job. AK and, so...Lee can out talk AK's blabber! Cleo...Cleo...Cleo! Lets leave at that! Y is moving fron Kasi to Yuppie...for their sake, I hope it works!
Posted on 18 Apr 2006 22:39
Embarrassed Darkie!!!!! Tsamayang ko 5..letlabelabowa-
Black people........Radio stations are a business just like any other business out there. If people want tenders, they merge with BEE patners to get them. They adopt african names for their businesses to get business from government. 5 looses listenership, and they start loading black music,head hunt top black DJ's to bring black listeners to the station.And we fall for it..EVERYTIME. If you fell Y sucks, then there's metro and other african radio stations u can listen too but no...we are the elite,snobs who have "arrived". Wow. Sad indeed. I think Bondo has lost his marbles, BIG TIME! But i'm still supporting.
Posted on 19 Apr 2006 10:55
5 FM ROCKS!!!-
What? Mark is noisy in the mornings i can't stand it!!. Get outer here!!!!! Bondo wahlanya, but Y still has a loyal listener in me!
Posted on 19 Apr 2006 10:57
5FM ROCKS no doubt!!!!!-
Mornings are supposed to be loud, 2 keep us awake in the traffic. Listening 2 Pabi will only cause more accidents cos people will sleep from boredom. We all wanna arrive alive, so we listen to 5FM.
Posted on 20 Apr 2006 09:37
5fm yamasepa!!!-
Seleitse di 5 fm. what about supporting your own people..SELL OUTS!!!!
Posted on 20 Apr 2006 14:27
Y is embarrased to be Darkie. 5 Ya Rocka, retlabowa when Bondo catches a wake up-
True that. We are disappointing ourselves, by trying 2 be sumthing we are not. What a waste, Yfm is a waste of a once sooo cool Black radio station.
Posted on 21 Apr 2006 10:31
Yfm yamasepa-
YFM sold us out. Why should we listen to White wannabes??? They suck & we'll leave them to it. If I wanna listen to white people I'll tune into 5FM, anyway they play the best music, fusing RnB, Kwaito, HipHop, House with Pop and Rock. You should tell Bondo & his crew to clean up their crap & I'll make sure I stay tuned to Y. Is that a deal?
Posted on 21 Apr 2006 10:36
Pabi and YFM going down!!!-
Did u hear Pabi's show yesterday? I happened to take out a cd & YFM was playing. There were no callers, no! no! no! There were NO CALLERS FOR A COMPETITION TO WIN A CAR!!! That was not even funny, it was such a huge shame. I mean YFM phones r always jammed & now, there are no callers. That was a clear indication that Pabi & her FM are going down, slowly but surely. It's gonna be a sad day when it happens. She is being promoted as the YFM brand, what about all the other DJs? Bondo is thinking with his willy, its time he thought with his brains
Posted on 21 Apr 2006 10:45
Loyal Fans - save your YFM-
All these so called "loyal fans", why don't u talk to Bondo and show yo loyalty. As a loyal fan, will you allow your YFM to go under? How come you are not trying to save your station? If you love YFM so much then show it, we are tired of all these comments saying "Yfm sucks but I'll still listen". That shows how much you value yoselves, actually u don't love yourself to say that. We all deserve the best, so we demand the best. Not all the DJs are bad, but PABI who whines & even lisps, is bad for radio - TERRIBLE. Bridget, Phuti, Unathi, Cleo, Thabi and Mpho have disgraced and misrepresented females so much, everyone says Female Djs suck (Which is not true). YFM female Djs suck except Kwezi and Lee, they know their story. The guys that should go are Macfarlene and ChilliM(he plays good music though)- they are not representing. Then Yfm should rethink their strategy & focus on quality rather than this nonsense. So all you Loyalties - DO SOMETHING!!!
Posted on 21 Apr 2006 10:58
When will you get it? Complaining and giving suggestions to Y management won't help, Bondo has made his decision and he will stick to it regardless of what listeners say. Whatelse can listeners do? make posters and toi toi ko rosebank? woo, sorry, i'm too fabulous for that. Bondo can be stubborn all he wants, but numbers and ratings don't lie. Oh, and for those who think Y is a Darkie station, think again. The shareholders and owners are Indian. We all know how they are when it comes to business. Money matters, nothingelse. Do u think they care about kasi culture? ..............Bondo is just a puppet in all this
Posted on 21 Apr 2006 12:46
Y may be going down, but i will never switch to five!-
I'd rather put up with aza and her boring team.
Posted on 21 Apr 2006 12:52
Traffic Jams will neva be the same-
They should hook Lee up with the breakfast show together with Thato.I'm sure she can do waaaaaaayyyy better than 'Miss Thang' daar.Not only is Lee intelligent and well informed, she is vibrant and witty as well. I guess that old Fresh n Thato jingle was true:"Traffic Jams will never be the same"
Posted on 21 Apr 2006 16:58
Loyal Listener
Give Pabi a chance-
Honestly speaking I think it was about time things changed @ Y. Fresh, Bad Boy T n Sbu are gone. Get over it. That was a gr8 era @ Y but now we need 2 move on with the times and Y needed 2 b truely representative of a YOUTH station! ?Pabi is still young and with time and support she will get there. I rememba when Fresh took ova breakfast how much he was hated! YES Fresh! Give Pabi a chance.
Posted on 22 Apr 2006 09:43
Ladies of Y ROCK!!-
I'm finding it interesting how the ladies @ Y are hated. Honestly speaking, unless you have been behind a radio desk and actually tried 2 do a show, then u honestly don't quite know what u are talking about! Radio is not all about talking. Also considering that MOST of the new women @ Y have no radio experience then you must commend then 4 even having the courage 2 do wat they do! Appreciate ppl!
Posted on 22 Apr 2006 09:54
Ratings on the Ladies - Your views are welcome-
Pabi- Entertaining but can b K-TV at times?Unathi-Needs a co-host coz she can be too high and mighty?Dineo-lntelligent but needs 2 calm down. 2 loud?Lee-Love her with AK. Intelligent woman?Cleo-Downrite RUDE!?Bridgette-Airhead?Thabi-Entertaining 4 late nite?Phuthi-Airhead no 2?Dre-2 loud?Mpho-Love her voice,music n confidence. Gr8 for a Sunday.?Khwezi-Nice show but sounds fake.??So wat do u think?
Posted on 22 Apr 2006 10:08
5FM rules the roost BABY!!!!-
5FM..5FM...5FM....!!!! 5FM RULES PHATT TIME!!!! Other stations will NEVER compare, NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on 23 Apr 2006 01:41
Yes. Give Pabi the chance to LEAVE!!!!-
Let her leave. She sucks and always will. We want change but not Pabi. Change is good, but Pabi is bad. She sucks and she will only become worse. Fresh was an entertainer, he was hated because he was loud and his laugh, but he was very entertaining. Pabi is not entertaining, not funny, she's no fun, she's a LOSER 100%. Talk about BOREDOM!!!
Posted on 24 Apr 2006 09:01
Y is going down, so Metro or Five???-
Make your choice!
Posted on 24 Apr 2006 09:12
Ladies of Y a PURE DISGRACE-
Its high time Djs and people in the workplace are commended for the work they do, not because they are females or black or whatever. Angel where did u get your facts from? Pabi has been in radio for almost 4 years and has worked for 3 radio stations already, Unathi has been around for over 5 years, Cleo for over 5 years working for 3 radio stations, Mpho has been around for almost 3 years, Bridget for almost a year and you talk about experience? How many more years must they be around and busy "getting experience"? There has been no improvement ever since these ladies got on radio, so their training will never end. What you are saying is a lame excuse and you are giving women a bad name, cos it means we are not capable. Being in any profession is always a challenge but no one will feel sorry for you just because you are a female, Why did you enter that field if you wanted special treatment? If you want to be a Dj be a DJ, not a "Female DJ". So, until Bondo treats these females on merit rather than how short they wear their skirts - YFM WILL GO DOWN.
Posted on 24 Apr 2006 09:42
3/10 - YFM is doing a BAD JOB in hiring female DJs-
Pabi - (0/10) GET OUT!!! She should commit suicide, she's a NO! NO! NO! Unathi - (1/10) OUT! She's a complete yawn, she should Go be a mother! Bridget - (0/10) OUT! Still wondering how she even made it to radio, she must be sikalekhekhe very well! Cleo - (0/10) GET OUT!!! How she was not axed, only her ancestors know!!! Phuti - (0/10) OUT! No words can even describe her boredom. Thabi - (0/10) OUT! She should head back to Lesotho, Jozi is not for those who have time to waste. Mpho - (0/10) OUT! marketing suits her better. Lee - (8/10) IN! Axe Unathi and put Lee in. Kwezi - (6/10) IN! She's doing a good job and has a lot of room to grow. Dre - (8/10) IN! Good energy for a Saturday show and impressive in trying to learn Zulu.
Posted on 24 Apr 2006 09:58
@Angel - Get real!!!-
You sound like you're one of the female djs that we hear on YFM or are associated with them. The radio industry is an intensively competitive market; pretty cut-throat. So you can't afford to put presenters on air with no experience whatsoever. Bondo should've put each and everyone of those new female voices next to experienced djs for at least six to eight months so they can show them the ropes. Practice makes perfect - sure enough. But practicing off air is far different than when you're on air. I've lost count on how many on air stuff ups that these new female djs have made. But on the bright side; they're not ALL bad - Khwezi is giving them a run for their claim to fame.
Posted on 24 Apr 2006 13:02
YFM is MAD and so is ANGEL-
Waaaaaaaaaaaaat??? All the ladies have experience, that's why they are there in the first place. making xcuses for them just shows that YFM is not even near to being part of a nationally recognised radio station. We can always say "But Yfm does not have enough experience...", how lame. R u sure u were not bought by Bondo, to write this crap????
Posted on 24 Apr 2006 13:48
Y ladies suck -
Yes , how right you are , they have no radio experince what so ever and then they are put there to entertain us , would you let someone who had no experience in balancing books , do your companies books , would you let someone who has no prior expereince deliver your baby , I think not so do us all a favour and stop being so accepting of mediocrity because that is what Yfm is lately ...and their ladies who have no training , just pretty faces ... i mean who is Bridgette , the girl who did not win Miss South Africa ... who is Phuti , that girl who tries to act in Egoli ... Dineo failed at five fm where she was trying to be white , now she is trying to be ghetto at Y .... please we are the audience and Bondo cares not what we think . Pabi is good , she can speak to beggars and Kings , Bondo must get her a dam good producer because we all know that girl has got good execution and delivery .
Posted on 24 Apr 2006 20:03
Highveld -
Highveld all the way , really just try listen , at night its hot hot hot, even Jeremy in the morning is quite good , i`m hooked on them . Five is trying to fool black people into listening to them but their dj`s are all white , hello ??? Why is Dicksy stuck on weekends and the sports guy will always be just that . Highveld on the other hand represents . 94.7 94.7 All the way
Posted on 24 Apr 2006 20:17
Y ladies have the experience but r just PATHETIC-
All those ladies have some kind of experience with public speaking and as Cheese wrote these ladies have centuries of experience, but somehow, they are not coughing the bill. They are so BAD we have to question their experience... All the ladies have experience, maybe that's why they didn't get far at their previous radio stations, they SUCK period. Pabi is NO DJ! She sounds worse than a child winying for sweet. It's amazing how every1 keeps on pointing fingers saying it's Pabi's slaves(Thato & MacFarlene), it's the producer, it's whoever... When r u gonna face the facts that its THE LOSER HERSELF - PABI NO! NO! NO! SHE'S GOSTA BOUNCE!!!
Posted on 25 Apr 2006 06:57
Y are u still bothering about Y????-
Posted on 25 Apr 2006 08:55
Its not about experience but TALENT.-
DJ Fresh had no experience when he started on Y, but because he had innovative ideas, made it big on Y. People skills also count a lot, take for instance Cleo, she just cannot handle interviews? Portia Adams on Kaya fM is not cut for radio at all, she waffles on and on. She is gauranteed to make mistakes with every sentence she tries to construct. Then she goes...RATHER. With the current crop of DJs, very few lady DJ's are good radio personalities. My advance to Y fM DJ's, use your mother tongue and you'll enjoy yourself and the listeners will appreciate you still. Stop trying hard to sound American, you'll never be American... DJ's should involve listeners and ask for ideas on topics or features if they struggle to get that on their own.
Posted on 25 Apr 2006 12:15
YFM ya BORA. Too boring to discuss YFM. Let it shut down..
Posted on 26 Apr 2006 09:36
Cleo is pathetic-
i accidentally listened to Y one evening,& Cleo was on air. Callers were requesting songs. 1 caller requested Soul to Soul by the Temptations,But Cleo refused! Telling the guy o a mo khenya. I found that very stupid for a dj to tell a listener that. Afterall they are the ones who keep your business alive. Her handling of issues raised by listeners is just so poor!! The music!!! Depressing. She even doesn't have intelligent topics to come up with.From Bondo to this woman. This is a disastrous transformation. I'm disappointed. I nolonger listen to Y. Poor Strategic changes.
Posted on 26 Apr 2006 16:59
You are in no way a young person. You are just a boring, old, frustrated oldie. YFM sounds worse than stations my gran used to listen to. It's so lame. It's heading the OPPOSITE direction of young people - Nowhere. Pabi in the morning is enough to make me puke. "Model C" is the incorrect term, it's "white" what u trying 2 say. YFM is trying to be white & 5FM is really slapping YFM for that... Watch the space, YFM is going down~~~~~
Posted on 4 May 2006 07:44
Yfm is "FAKE", "FAKE". Its so fake it's making people like u so ignorant. In case u haven't realised black people have been staying in surburbs for longer than YFM has been on air. The reason we surburbans listened to YFM is because it was unique, fresh, youthful & upbeat. We are black & moving to surburbs will not change that - SO FACE IT - U R BLACK FOR LIFE. "Education" and "Being White" are not the same things. The young people are more Educated, but we are in no way becoming more white. YFm is sounding like a ship that is wrecking. The whole station sounds worse than one show on a community radio station. Actually YFM is sounding so unreal, a lot of businesses have pulled out. Metro FM, Highveld and 5FM are smiling daily thanks to YFM for slapping the youth in the face with gabbage.
Posted on 4 May 2006 07:53
Posted on 4 May 2006 07:59
Y oh why?-
Nna ke re Y gatetse,they are ass out of ideas,make a nigga wanna listen to Jacaranda
Posted on 5 May 2006 11:13
is bondo at fault really.-
is it really bondo's fault!!!!!
Posted on 5 May 2006 19:43
blah blah blha...but no suggestions!!! vle itse too much!!!-
We looooooooove to complain don't we? But no solutions. I'm not too thrilled with the new line up, so i e-mailed the station, voiced my opinions on their website, this website, but no changes have been made. All the new DJ's have signed contracts, so there's nothing we can do really. Just choose a station, stick to it and stop whinning maaan.
Posted on 8 May 2006 12:38
Stop listening to YFM like everybody else-
True. They will not change & they are not prepared to hear what u say. Whether it's on this website or yfm's website, u'll be wasting your time, cos they ain't gonna do NADDA. I switched long ago, cos I can't be fustrated by a radio station which does not represent my views. I must agree with the ppl in the forum - Mac Gillman is blazing in the morning & to all those who are on sum "Ooooh we trying to be white by switching to 5fm" ish, they should listen & they'll realise it sounds more black than that fake Y ish. 5fm plays like 80% hip hop, rnb, kwaito - what a relief from Ycrap. In the afternoon Glen on Metro has never disappointed, so there... all your problems solved....
Posted on 9 May 2006 06:41
i'm sorry, but gillman is too loud for me. glen kgaaaaaaaaaaale a khenya and that hasn't changed. i've been listening to highveld here at work and everysingle day, it sounds like someone dubbed the playlist for the week, and they play the same tape over and over and over and over again. Nna i do listen to the show (wide awake) when i can, then i switch to a radio station that is playing a nice song at that time. I'm all over the place. That's why i end up playing cds. sad indeed.
Posted on 9 May 2006 11:34
Y vele sucks-
I cant even remember the last time i listen to that fm station. Nowadays im not sure if its a radio station or a train station. I also listen a lot 2 cds nowadays - thank God to SA improved music like Hip Hop, we always have a cd to listen to. Honestly though 5FM rocks & i love their craziness - mornings should b loud & crazy, that's the only way we will look forward our boring work. Imagine listening to Pabi at a start of a good day, she's so boring, she justs spoils the entire day ahead. Her voice is all wrong, she's not entertaining, it just shows that once u r in the limelight u can do any shit & you will be glorified for it...
Posted on 9 May 2006 14:37
Prodigal Child
True Dat-
Done. YFM sux & Pabi sux more. Its Bondo's fault becaz he has the power to hire & fire. Its all his doin. Im sure Fresh, BBT & Sbu are smiling, becaz they aint part of the shit going down at YFM. Yfm was right in making a change, it needed a fresh look, that was a brilliant idea. Then Bondo had to make the worst change ever in the history of radio. Bondo should not have given these people (I refuse to call them DJs becaz school kids can do better) a 1 year contract. That was very unprofessional of him. Taking such a huge step should have been done on a TRIAL-AND-ERROR basis. This was goin to be the best mechanism for a drastic change. Even those supposedly "YFM DJs" have been criticised on a daily basis. Its just not working. Its too much for those poor people and too much for the station. All the shows are so monotonous and the voices are so draggly. No one has that spunk or star quality. Its just a whole lotta bull pushed into one hole. There is no direction at Yfm becaz that would have been apparent already. Its been more than a month and things are only getting worse.
Posted on 10 May 2006 08:16
Miss e
eeeeiiishhh But Y?-
Pabi i tried to listen to Y the 1st week you came on air and i must say.... YOU SUCK!!!! get off the air and rather leave Thato and Mcfallen to do thier thing... i am hating every moment... nothing but usless infomation comes out of your big mouth... PLEASE Y DO SOMTHING ABOUT THIS!!!!!!
Posted on 10 May 2006 10:15
Posted on 10 May 2006 11:06
There was a comment made that we are always complaining but not putting solutions on the table. Well, I spoke to Bondo and all he could say was "Its the direction Yfm is taking", "We must give the new people some time, we will adjust", "There are people who love the change", "Its the directors orders" and blah! blah! blah! Obviously there is no sound explanation, its just excuses and more excuse but I'm happy that Bondo knows that there are more people who hate the changes than those who like them... Yfm did a bad REVOLUTION its more like a DEMOLITION. Their slogan should change from "Every generation needs a new REVOLUTION" to "Every Yfm needs a new DEMOLITION", then Bondo won't have to make excuses, everything will be obvious. This is what should have happened: 1. Before hiring, look at the current "Djs", who's delivering and going beyond, fire those who are not delivering. (This was done but not effectively seeing that Sbu was the only DJ who doubled the listenership and yet they wanted to change him. Bridget and especially Cleo have brought dismay to listeners and the station but they are still around). 2. After firing those who did not perform, do an intensive investigation as to what made Yfm listeners move to other radio stations. (This was probably done but not done properly seeing that Yfm lost more than half of their listeners in just a month and every month more and more are switching away). 3. Revisit the mission statement because it says Yfm caters for 16 - 35 year olds and its original, unique and exciting(yona ke yona). (This was probably done but its not showing at the least. The target market of Yfm has changed from youth to businessmen. Amazingly enough a whole lot of businessmen have stopped listening to Y and are advertising on other radio stations, so Y approach is a proven failure. There is nothing original about any show, the shows are lame and out of context and lacking in authenticity and backbone. The only exciting thing about Yfm is NOT LISTENING TO IT). 4. After clearly defining your goals and mission, you would have a clear vision and direction. A set schedule and programmes for the station would be outlined. That's when hiring would kick in. 5. The hiring process should begin internally with the existing "Djs", by finding out their weak and strong points and getting suggestions from them since they know better. Then a re-shuffle of the existing DJs should be made to fill in the "new programme structure". Their contracts should be reviewed and a "probation" system should be used for all of them. Something like - "You get a 6 month contract and we expect your show to bring in atleast 1000 more listeners, if not, we will have to review your show and contract".(That's the only way they will up their game because Yfm has turned into a playground and the "Djs" are too relaxed and too comfortable). 6. After sorting things out internally, the positions available should be advertised and the advert should clearly reflect that its only for people who are passionate about radio and have people skills. This is where new and experienced Djs can be picked. Have demos and do auditions and then make a short list. 7. Before choosing the Djs, put all of them in a workshop, maybe for a week or make them present those slots on a rotation basis for a week each(reality radio) and listeners should rate them. Then atleast you would know what the Djs are like behind the mike, you know how they react to listeners (by making listeners vote, they too feel important and automatically you would gain listenership). Then Bondo would have a clear indication of who to hire and who is really passionate about their job. 8. All the new DJs should be put on a stricter contract like, you get a 4 month contract and we expect your show to bring in atleast 500 more listeners, if not, we will have to review your show and contract. (By giving new Djs this kind of expectation, they too will know that there is no time to fool around, they will give off their ultimate best). 9. After the 6 or 4 months, a review on the shows can be done. In this way Bondo can see who is on holiday and who means business. Contracts can then be extended depending on progress and targets met. If a Dj is not performing, a firm warning should be given. The biggest mistake was that Bondo just roped in everybody without thinking and as the cliche goes "Too many cooks spoil the broth". There is a huge lack of management ability on Bondo's side. Yfm has become an attractive place for wannabe Djs because everyone knows that Yfm is just a playground. The reason no show has backbone is because no "Dj" is giving off their best. Then again it was a poor choice by Bondo from the onset to rope in people without passion or people's skills, people who are only interested in furthering their personal fame. Powerful countries have fallen, major companies closed because of lack of management and not adhering to warnings, so what makes people so sure that Yfm will not crumble down. The ultimate test will come next month when Metro FM and 5 FM make their changes and bring in Big Dogs like Bad Boy T and Fresh, then Yfm will weep a sorrowful death. Arrogance is not good in this business because the very shareholders who put you there can easily axe you too Bondo, think of Greg. You better start taking note of all the warnings because you will be to blame should Yfm go under and you'll be jobless and no one will want to employ you. You will be a typical Venoliah Mashego story, you know better than anyone that this is a doggy dog industry, you are on top today and tomorrow you are down and out. Everyone is telling you that the changes are not working. For the love of Yfm, please listen Bondo. Ayeye Yfm!
Posted on 10 May 2006 11:17
Posted on 10 May 2006 12:05
Wow Lebo, you are a true diva. You even went to the length of talking to Bondo. You know your story and I feel that maybe you should take over from Bondo. I like the way you have strategised everything and put everything into context. Wow, its so incredible. Your method would have been the ultimate answer to YFM. Bondo plllllllllllllz read it... Plz save YFM, plz! plz! plz! Lebo is RIGHT and you are WRONG!!!
Posted on 10 May 2006 14:24
@Lebo, Muzi, Prodigal Child et al-
Guys, please join me when the shit hits the fan at Y and we shall all say "WE TOLD YOU SOOOOOOOOOO". Clearly things aren't working, so why doesn't he (Bondo) heed? Kaya-fm also went through the exact thing no so long ago and finally gave in to listeners' demands. But sadly for Mr. Ntuli; it could be too little too late - unfortunately. And you're right Lebo; the very board members that he claims are on his neck, won't bet an eyelid when it comes to firing him when the shit hits the fan. Bondo, don't say we didn't warn you.
Posted on 10 May 2006 17:08
Yfm must take notes from Kaya FM-
I was kinda amazed to hear about Khaya FM listening to its listeners - that was just dope. Then you cum to the other side of town in Rosebank, were listeners are treated like ish. Afterall, the Bondo man himself made it clear that listeners opinions were just bull & it's all about the advertisers and businessmen. Lebo, I must applaude you, that was some nice stuff there. It's a pity Yfm cannot feel the ship sinking. I personally think they know about the tragedy but hate to admit it. So, not to be nasty or anything, I feel Yfm at this stage is a Thomas, they will only believe when the damage is done. So, I say let Khaya, Metro, 5FM bring in their changes and take every single YFM(mind you, all these radio stations are succeeding already). Too many excuses at Yfm and too much crap. Lebo is right when s/he said that no one @ Y is taking their job seriously, they are all just fooling around and wsating our time. So I say its goodbye and so long to Yfm...
Posted on 11 May 2006 06:45
Nice 1 Lebo - Yfm take heed...-
Posted on 11 May 2006 09:28
I'm sorry, your comment is waaaay too long to read. Okwatile, we get is everybody else.
Posted on 12 May 2006 08:34
Posted on 12 May 2006 08:35
Note how Highveld works , they ask the listener what thay want in focus groups and give them just that , hence their success. 5fm has split personlites so I would stick to Y if I were you all . 5fm wants the black listeners , well how about grooming a black Gareth Cliff or Mark Gillman instead of poaching a `woolworths` ready made meal , so that they can get the black population listening to them . They hire blacks put them in small roles to fill their quota and now you guys want to support them because you heard Brickz on once and those nasal whites trying to be cool , say `wow man` what a cool song . i will listen to 5fm when they put more than 1 black man on a whole days line up , move up exellent people like the black girl on the weekend , who is good enough for BBC news `Poppie `to the weekdays because she is much better than all the news readers there . I`ve had enough of 5fm and trying to be cool all of a sudden , and trust us darkies to always be looking for the approval of whites , Mark gillman dont give a dam about blacks , gareth Cliff dont give a dam about blacks , Ian And Sasha don`t give a dam about blacks .
Posted on 12 May 2006 19:56
5fm shoud go back to catering for its whites period and not make us their fools so they can getv thier listenership up . Peace
Posted on 12 May 2006 19:59
Yfm is worse than 5fm-
At least 5fm is made up of whites and even if they don't give a damn, they are white... What more of our black radio station Yfm who don't give a damn, but they are BLACK??? Darling, u must make sho yo argumant is valid, Yfm produces more kak than any white radio station can ever produce. As mention b4, if Yfm wants 2 b white, there's no need to listen, we'll go to the real whites, which is 5fm. Yfm has done a good job in pushing us away, so we have found greener pastures @ 5fm. It's better when a stranger doesn't care, but not your own black brother. Yfm has disowned us and we will not turn our dial to Yfm again (until Bondo heeds to our demands). Anyway, no one listens or talks Yfm anymo, so l8r...
Posted on 16 May 2006 07:15
the nabster
WOW..still whinning......-
WOW..Still whinning, just make your choice and live with it. Yes. Bondo's decisions ke masepa feela, 5 fm e tla ka bee strategy, so what? It's all in the name of money. The main thing is making money for the station and sometimes, that means coming up with kak strategies.
Posted on 16 May 2006 09:56
I'll forever wonder how phuti got weekend breakfast and not Mr T or Mpho. But then again, no one said life is fair. Pabi for breakfast??? I guess we might just as well beg mugabe to run south africa...............
Posted on 16 May 2006 10:04
Ya, how did Phuti, Bridget & Cleo get in??????????????-
Mr Bondo must be happy to sika more than three khekhes. Its all about the sikalekhekhe. Clearly these females don't know what they are doing, they have no clue...
Posted on 17 May 2006 15:01
Re: No it's not, Y is the worst station ever-
It sounds to me like you are probably working for the competition. You must be sick and tired of y kicking your ass that's why o kwatile so. We live in a democractic country, and that means freedom of speech and the freedom to choose whatever station you want to listen to. If some people feel they still want to listen to Y...LET THEM!!! It's not up to you to decide or dictate what they should do. Why go out of your way to make people feel bad for their choices, who do you think you are???? Claire, i'm with you hundred percent. I'm not particurlaly happy with the changes at Y, but I Choose to stay with the station. All the other radio stations still put me off, so i'm sticking to Y. Yes, bondo is not a bright spark, but he is under management influence. And for heaven's sake, can we just stop with the whole Y is for the people especially ko kasi cause it's owned by Indian folk.
Posted on 18 May 2006 08:25
It's amazing what people will say especilly when don't know the facts. The old breakfast team was hot, not because of the big dawg alone, butwhat each member of the team brought to the table. Think about it, when fresh was doing the show with angie, he sounded bored and i never used to listen to the show. Then new blood came into the scene, then there was new exciting content, features, etc.....mmmh...why wasn't all this part of the show when it was just fresh and angie if he is soooo great.......makes you wonder.
Posted on 18 May 2006 08:31
What the hell are you smoking? As a black person, i'm not going to pretend to like a radio station that was originally catering for whites but now for business reasons, they feel they have to cater for blacks. I mean all of a sudden bricks, jabba and kabelo are good enuff to be played by 5fm? Come on!!!!! 5 fm ke masepa feela. Ke ame ao!!!
Posted on 18 May 2006 08:49
I believe that miss moloi is trying too hard to replace fresh that she is alienating her team. I think the team as a whole have respect for each other, but they were thrown together and were expected to gel and work in harmony just like that. Eish......Mr Ntuli...wasilaya!!!!!
Posted on 18 May 2006 08:53
Claire...gante o so?-
I supported what you said earlier but okare watsuba. Highveld??? wahlanya!!!
Posted on 18 May 2006 09:21
Y is the worst station ever-
I must agree with the person who says Yfm is the worst station EVER. We have freedom and that freedom includes stupidity. It's kinda stupid to say you don't like something and turn around and say you'll stay. If you know you can't change the way things are then why are you staying? We don't hate YFM, we never will, it was the station that represented us DARKIES, but we can't be sympathetic forever because we too need to progress. I've switched to other stations including 5fm and its not about black or white, but the quality of the presenters. I happened to listen to the Breakfast show on Y with Pabi, to say it's was a joke is an understatement. Pathetic is more descriptive, I quickly switched to 5fm because of the torture from YFM. Its completely unacceptable for presenters not to even give a damn about what they say or if it makes sense, Yfm should not tolerate such behaviour. Then I tried the drive show with Chilli M, I've never felt so bored, from the music to the topics, I think they forgot that it's supposed to be a drive show, I obviously had to listen to Glen on Metro. I wasnt into the whole rowdy thing with Sbu & Skhova, but now I've realised that they were more entertaining and so much better than this nonsense at Yfm. Yfm should feel scared cos Metro and 5fm are gonna kick butt next month...
Posted on 18 May 2006 14:14
Mpumelelo "Lelo" Mzaca
This Revolution needs a Revolution-
Judging by the way people are reacting to this "new revolution" at Y it's long overdue that this new revolution needs a revolution. The Y management must start checking the media and see just how the people feel about the Station. To me personally it sounds just like any other station on any frequency band and (former) Y listeners like me don't relate to snobbish mainstream garbage. We need a revolution! (If you get the read this comment I suggest you take a look at YD Awakes latest listenership figures compared to fellow GP radio stations Highveld & Classic FM's breakfast shows - You'll find them in the May issue of a magazine called The Media.)
Posted on 23 May 2006 07:25
Posted on 24 May 2006 14:48
BRAKES!!!!!! Highveld kills songs like u can't thanx. I'd rather listen to lesedi fm!!!
Posted on 29 Jun 2006 08:27
breakfast show-
pabi sucks. end of story.
Posted on 7 Jul 2006 14:53