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FCB South Africa once again advertising industry's 'King of Hearts'

FCB South Africa is the local advertising industry's 'King of Hearts', having taken pole position on both Millward Brown Impact's Liking Score charts. These charts, one addressing the developed market (LSM 7+) and the other the developing market (LSM 5+6), identify which television commercials are most liked by ordinary South Africans.
Ads for FCB South Africa clients regularly feature on these lists, so much so that the agency group has earned an unrivalled reputation for winning the hearts and minds of South African viewers. Research has shown that well-liked advertising plays an important part in positively influencing consumer buying behaviour.

FCB South Africa's 2005 performance on Millward Brown Impact's 2005 charts has made advertising history:
· never before has one agency been responsible for commercials topping both the charts
· never before has one agency group taken three spots in the top four; and
· very seldom has one agency group accounted for 40% of the top 10 most liked commercials in both categories.

The charts released by Millward Brown Impact February 2 show that FCB Cape Town's 'Friendly Frikkie' for Klipdrift was the most liked ad in 2005 in the developed market while FCB Johannesburg's 'Way you move' for Vodacom took the honours in the developing market.

Television ads from FCB Johannesburg dominated the Most Liked Top 10 for 2005 in this category (developing market) as this table shows:

1st'Way you move' - VodacomScore 9.4FCB Johannesburg
4th'Meerkat' - Vodafone LiveScore 8.6FCB Johannesburg
8th'Praise Singer' - First National BankScore 8.2FCB Johannesburg
10th'Boardroom' - National LotteryScore 8.2FCB Johannesburg

In the developed market, it shared the honours roll with FCB Cape Town:

1st'Friendly Frikkie' - KlipdriftScore 9.0FCB Cape Town
3rd'Way you move' - VodacomScore 8.6FCB Johannesburg
4th'Happy' - 8.5FCB Cape Town
9th'Tattoo' - Toyota CamryScore 8.1FCB Johannesburg

Commenting on the group's performance on these most liked charts, group executive creative director, Ashley Bacon, pointed out that the group had earned a reputation for creating advertising that wins the hearts and minds of ordinary South Africans - not just for one client but across its client portfolio as the 2005 charts show.

"Over the years, the agency has been responsible for many of the country's favourite ads including the loveable and laughable Yebo Gogo commercials featuring Michael de Pina and Bankole for Vodacom and gutsy ads for Toyota Hilux and Toyota Prado as well as those for Klipdrift, and Panado, to name a few.

"These clients - as well as others - always feature strongly in the brands and branding surveys regularly conducted in the country. For example, in Sunday Times/Markinor Brands & Branding 2005 survey published in October 2005, Vodacom's achievements included:
. 1st - 'South Africa's Favourite Advertiser'
. 1st - 'Business-to-Consumer Telecommunications'
. 3rd - 'South Africa's Favourite Brand'
. 5th - 'Companies doing the most for Community Upliftment'.
. 7th - 'South Africa's Coolest Brands'

"Other brands in the Brands & Branding 2005 top spots handled by FCB South Africa included First National Bank, Santam, Shoprite, Toyota and Klipdrift (5th 'South Africa's Favourite Advertisers').

"This survey, and Millward Brown Impact's charts, clearly show that, while we may not always win in the awards department, but one thing's for sure; we consistently deliver our clients best liked campaigns and in doing so create household names of their brands, indirectly contributing to their bottom line," said Bacon.

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26 Feb 2006 09:15