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FNB shows commitment to rugby development with TVC from FCB Johannesburg

First National Bank's marketing partner, FCB Johannesburg, has devised a new television commercial to demonstrate the bank's support for South Africa rugby development.
The 40 second commercial - conceptualised by the creative team of Ashley Bacon, Ulric Charteris and Jean-Roux Bezuidenhout - features 20 school boy players aged between 10 and 11 years as well as Francois Pienaar, captain of the South African rugby team that won the World Cup in 1995, FNB employee and a member of the 2011 World Cup Rugby Bid Committee.

According to FCB Johannesburg business unit director of the FNB business Louise Johnston, the bank has invested over R40-million in South African rugby at all levels, but predominantly in areas that foster the development of future players.

'Most sponsors only become involved in arts & culture or a sporting discipline, for example, at the time of a major event such as, in rugby's case, an international tour or the Rugby World Cup. FNB, however, doesn't believe writing cheques at times like these assists the sport achieve its long-term goals.

'FNB is of the opinion that sponsorship should look beyond the so-called "glory events" and look to the future instead of the now. That is why its commitment to SA Rugby is now in its 5th year, and why a large portion of its investment is geared towards fostering the sport at school and tertiary education levels. Not only will this assist SA Rugby develop players for the future, but that these will be players with brawn and brains,' she said.

Pienaar narrates the commercial, which opens as he watches a game, saying 'I often ask kids I meet what they want to be when they're older. The usual answer; I want to play rugby for South Africa. But then I ask them - what do you want to be after that? Don't get me wrong, the proudest moment of my life was putting on my country's jersey, the things I achieved wearing it, but the day came when I had to hang it up.'

He then picks up his jacket while adding 'I had to put on something else' and, turning to the camera concludes with 'This is why I work with a group of people who realise that as long as there's a future for South African rugby players, there'll always be a future for South African rugby.'

Two endings exist: one finishes highlighting the bank as a 'Proud Supporter of the 2011 Bid' and the other spotlights its commitment to development rugby with the words 'Sponsoring the future of the game, through student and schoolboy rugby'.

The commercial was shot at the JG Meiring school in Cape Town and was directed by Michael Middelton of Peter Gird Productions.

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4 Jul 2005 09:04


Darren Kelly
Rugby in Soweto not elite enough...-
It's a pity that FNB has ignored a call to get involved with the development and support of rugby in Soweto where the club regularly loses players to 'elite' clubs and schools, only to be forgotten and neglected when a seemingly better player or an injury or, or, or, the list is endless, renders a player from Soweto 'expired'. If FNB was really committed to the development of rugby, look no further than Soweto, it's right on the doorstep of FNB Bank City.
Posted on 6 Jul 2005 15:35