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New run-about from Toyota targets youth market

Toyota South Africa has launched the Toyota Aygo (pronounced: eye-go), one of the iconic brand's best-sellers in Europe, into the local market with an eye-catching television commercial from Draftfcb Johannesburg and Bouffant Films.
New run-about from Toyota targets youth market
New run-about from Toyota targets youth market
New run-about from Toyota targets youth market
New run-about from Toyota targets youth market
New run-about from Toyota targets youth market
Created by Executive Creative Director James Cloete, Creative Director Tian van Heever, Art Director Alan Lewus and Copywriter Morne Strydom, and shot over three days in Johannesburg and Pretoria, the 30-second ad is a dramatic departure from Toyota's historical creative approach. For good reason.

Toyota's Senior Manager Marketing Communications Planning and Advertising, Pieter Klerck, explained: "Our key target market for the spunky Aygo is young adults between 18 and 25 years of age.

"Given their desire to stand out from the crowd and express their individuality, we needed to approach them in a different way and with a different message to that we use when we talk to loyal, long-standing Toyota drivers.

"This new execution doesn't shatter the 'Toyota mould'; it simply extends it to a new audience. It's totally left-field, and should inspire our desired consumers to add the Aygo to its list of 'must-have' accessories."

The idea behind the fast-paced new ad is 'independence'. It opens on a young man on an Olympic-height diving board. He is very nervous, but determined to dive. He steps forward, arms outstretched, and leaps off the board but, as he flies through the air, his umbilical cord goes taut. It yanks him back and he swings helplessly under the diving board.

This is followed by other scenes that show the umbilical cord limiting young adults' lives - a girl falls on her face at the bowling alley, a hunky rugby player can't score that amazing try at a varsity match, a clubber snags his umbilical cord on a bollard outside a trendy nightclub. Events like this prompt one young man to take his cord to the butcher to get it chopped off but, just as he is about to do so, he looks through the window and sees two sexy girls walking towards their Toyota Aygo, with exposed bellybuttons!

The penny drops and he visits a Toyota dealership. When he starts the car, he loses his umbilical cord, depicting his new found freedom and independence.

"We needed a concept that would clearly demonstrate just how important that first car is to young adults. I mean, we've all been there, asking mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends for a lift - and finding being dependent on them totally cramps our style," said executive creative director, James Cloete.

"This ad highlights that claiming your independence, exerting your own style, making your own decisions, living your life to the full when you want to, is as simple as owning an Aygo. When you are ready to go, Aygo everywhere!"

6 Jun 2011 13:46