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New business gains for Redline

Only days after scoring gold at PRISM 2010, the competition that recognises companies that have successfully incorporated strategy, creativity and professionalism into their PR initiatives, corporate and brand PR consultancy Redline added seven new clients to its portfolio.
For sponsorship management and event co-ordinator SAIL, Redline's Johannesburg office will drive media relations and publicity for Vodacom's ‘Join the Voice Behind Bafana Bafana' campaign developed by Draftfcb Johannesburg to highlight the cellular service provider's sponsorship of South Africa's national soccer team and for Vichy Laboratories it will use PR to enlist support for the Melanoma Advisory Board. Prosound and the uBuntu Institute also join the Johannesburg office's client stable while the Cape Town office adds Topmed to its list.

Finally, Redline's eventing division has been appointed by Cristal, a Chilean beer brand, to manage its fan venue in South Africa for Chilean tourists in June 2010. It has also been tasked by PRISA to manage their annual PR conference.

20 Apr 2010 13:09