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Draftfcb South Africa takes two of three Apex Awards

Draftfcb South Africa walked away with two out of only three Gold awards made by APEX at a gala ceremony held in Johannesburg, South Africa last week (Thursday April 10).
The Association for Communication and Advertising's (ACA) APEX Awards recognise campaigns that are both creative and effective. Successful performance is measured by a measured return on investment and contribution to the client's bottom line.

APEX entries are judged in one of the following three categories:

  • Launch - for brands or services that are new, or have no significant history of advertising.
  • Change - for new campaigns from previously advertised brands, which resulted in significant short-term effects on sales and/or behaviour.
  • Sustain - for advertising campaigns that benefited a business by maintaining or strengthening a brand over a long period.

In the Launch category, Draftfcb Johannesburg took Gold for the Toyota Yaris campaign (no Silver Award was made but three Bronze Awards were handed out) while Draftfcb Cape Town was awarded Gold for Savannah ‘The Cider House Rules' campaign in the category known as ‘Sustain' (here one Silver and two Bronzes were also awarded).

Commenting on the results, Draftfcb South Africa chief executive, Neil van der Weele, said they highlighted the fact that the group's agencies truly understand the country's consumers and their clients' business needs.

"Our focus on accountability - that is, developing outstanding creative work that delivers a measurable return to our client's bottom line - has ensured we have helped our clients build many of South Africa's favourite brands. Clients really value this Return on Ideas, and Draftfcb South Africa is really proud to have picked up two of the three Golds awarded.”

17 Apr 2008 16:11