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Toyota Avensis: a rose by any other name

FCB Johannesburg's television commercial for the new Toyota Avensis demonstrates that the vehicle truly is 'a rose by any other name'. Developed by the creative team of Lindy-Ann McCrindle and Charles Foley, it shows a so-obviously-very-much-in-love man driving his Avensis from flower seller to flower seller to buy the bloom of love, roses.
Toyota Avensis: a rose by any other name
Toyota Avensis: a rose by any other name
Toyota Avensis: a rose by any other name
Toyota Avensis: a rose by any other name
Eventually the car is full of roses; the man pulls up in front of a lovely home, here he takes all the roses and arranges them in front of the car to impress his lady love. Satisfied with his work, he runs up to the door and pushes the doorbell. The beautiful object of his affections opens the door and sees his handiwork with the flowers. She jumps excitedly and he is clearly impressed with her reaction. She then rushes past him and to his dismay past all of the flowers and towards the car. Just in time our hero locks the Avensis' door before his love can open it. She looks very disappointed and slips into a pouty sulk.

Account Director on Toyota, Joanne Donald, expanded on the concept: "Avensis is probably one of the bigger challenges Toyota has put to us this year. It's a new brand that we needed to launch into a segment that was very saturated. We had to develop a concept that ensured that the brand held true to the Toyota values and humour but had a sophisticated feel.

"The positioning that we developed was 'Lead the way to the good life' which we felt was apt for the local market and would position the brand as a credible, desirable, emotional buy that is a better-value alternative to competitors.

"Our solution is through-the-line and includes the traditional mediums of television, press, print, outdoor and online advertising as well as a brochure, leaflets and panels that are used at shopping centres with vehicle displays.

"It relies on the TV commercial to set the tone, mood and image, but also incorporates all those elements and 'hot buttons' that we have learnt - over our long relationship with Toyota - appeal to South African car owners.

"The creative team at FCB Johannesburg and its sister agency, FCB Impact 361°, successfully ensured continuity and synergy between all the elements."

The TV commercial launched end July and will run until the end of September. It was shot in Cape Town over two days in conjunction with Jump Production.

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